How old are you?

I'm 21.

Where do you live?

I live in England (United Kingdom) and have done since birth.

How tall are you? What size are you?

I'm 5ft 4 and 1/2 (as I always say, halves always matter when you're fairly small!) I tend to run in a size 10/12 although my chest area can occasionally be a 14, due to having (dare I say it?) a larger chest area (use your imagination, or maybe don't!)

Do you have a Twitter?

Yes, you can find me at @TGCFashion

You mention you're at university, what do you study?

I'm a full time English student.
Do you have a job?

Not currently.

How can I contact you?
Please view my 'contact' tab in the top bar, that's the best way to contact me, unless you wish to send me a tweet.


What makeup do you use?

I use a mixture of high street/ high end products, to know what I usually wear, you can see my YouTube video on my everyday makeup tutorial, although this tends to change frequently.
What skin type are you?

I'm combination. I get oily pores on my temples, the sides of my nose, and my chin, and a very dry forehead, so I tend to not stray away from products I know help with this, such as Benefit's 'Moisturizer, Total Moisture' cream. It really helps my dry patches and requires daily application, and as for breakouts, I use Witch Hazel.

What do you do to your hair?

I tend to generally have wavy/messy hair. It's my natural hair, just enhanced. I also dip dye it (although the colour changes frequently, it is most often turquoise or pink) However, as of November 2014, I have kept this very minimal and reverted to mostly brown. My natural hair colour is the ash brown you see, however, it is dyed to match this from underneath my chin as I used to have a bleached dip dye.

Where do you shop?

I tend to shop in the same stores, places where I know are reliable, I like the clothes, and they fit me. I tend to stick with Topshop, Primark, ASOS,  River Island, Jack Wills and for jewellery, it tends to be H&M, gifts from family or Depop.

How much do you spend on clothes a month?

It purely depends on how much money I have at the time, if there are things that I like in store, and if I think specific items are a good investment. I would never just go out on a whim and purchase a £50 eyeshadow palette, just because I saw it in store that day and liked it. I always pre-plan my expensive purchases, and have to really, genuinely love them and believe they are a good investment before I splash the cash.



Why did you start your blog?

Purely for the reason that I have had an interest in fashion from a young age, and I have wanted to start a blog for at least 3 years, although I do remember wanting to start one at the age of eleven, and having no idea how to.

Can I repost your photos/posts/share them?

Yes, I feel flattered when people do, just please remember to link back to my blog in some way or another and/or credit me as the author.

You copied such and such's blog!
This happens to bloggers frequently, of course, some blog posts are going to be similar, since so many of us are now blogging about similar things and have very similar tastes, but I have no intent to copy other blogger's ideas or ways. I invented my blog solely out of interest in beauty, fashion and lifestyle, and named the blog a name I liked, and I knew after checking was not in use.

Are you paid for blogging or wearing clothes for companies?
Sadly no, I wish I was (don't we all!) but no, I'm not currently paid for anything I do. If there's any confusion, please see my disclaimer tab.


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