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 Hello dear readers,

Today I am going to share with you some things / products that I have either been enjoying over July and into August or discovered my love for in August.

To summarise, July was a wonderful month for me. My happiness in my new job continued, I made lots of new friends and went out with old friends and had a good time. I hope July brought you as much happiness as it did for me and you made lots of precious memories.

So, onto the favourites.

The first item I've been loving has been the Morphe 35T palette which I bought in June I believe. The palette is my second one from Morphe and I'd been lusting over it's shimmering earthy tones for a while and upon purchasing it from Beauty Bay I've fallen even more in love with it.

 The palette itself is incredibly reasonably priced at £22.99 (I think that's how much I paid). The colours are fairly well pigmented, they're not all as blendable as some other brands that I've experienced but in fairness I am willing to pay a fair amount for my eye palettes as I personally feel that to me, eyeshadow creates as much of an impact as your skin does.

My next favourite has to be my new Jack Wills hoodie that arrived yesterday. In fairness, it counts as a favourite because it's the same as my other Jack Wills longline hoodie that I got in April / March time, except I got it this time in navy, and the writing (whilst still in my favourite retro traditional early days JW font) is actually printed on the fabric as opposed to stitched on which I admittedly prefer and it is a duo tone of white for the logo and pink for  the catch-phrase of "Fabulously British". I decided a darker colour would be really flattering as opposed to a light grey which the majority of my Jack Wills hoodies are. My original longline hoodie is a beautiful cornflower blue, which I adore, but I really recommend this particular style that they're designing as it's longline, meaning it sits a lot lower on the body, it's a lot larger and in my opinion, a darnsight comfier than traditional body hugging styles. I tend to buy these in a size 14 as I like to size up in hoodies.

My next favourite has to be my Alex Monroe large Rose Gold Bumble Bee necklace, it's been an investment piece that I've grown to love more and more, it's elegant and goes with just about anything. Whilst simple, it draws attention to itself with it's unique colouring and complimentary chain length which leaves it sitting perfectly diagonally down from the collarbones.

My next favourite is of the same vein, it is my pair of Maria Tash single spike white gold hoops from Liberrty London (a single hoop was purchased online from them) and TomFoolery London (the other single hoop was purchased from them online too). These are the best earrings I've ever had, the white gold is stunning and of a wonderful quality (because if you're a bit of a jewellery fan like me you'll know that gold quality varies HUGELY. For instance, you can buy £30 white gold hoops and find the metal bends when putting into the piercing etc - so all in all, it's worth spending more to ensure the highest quality and durability of white gold). 

 My next favourite is the NYX 'Cairo' matte lipstick that I discovered as a result of seeing Tanya Burr wearing it, which I bought in April and have just repurchased as I wear it every single day. It doesn't last as long as more expensive matte lipsticks but for an hour or two, I love the colour and scent of this lipstick, it smells like cocoa butter!
 And finally, my last favourite is my new collection of Lilo & Stitch Disney Land / Walt Disney World / Disney Parks trading pins! My first ever pin was the Valentine Stitch holding the rose which I bought brand new and sealed from Disney Land Paris when I went last year, I then purchased Stitch's Adventure of Discovery Epcot pin (Limited Edition of 1500) from online last week and then I received in the mail today all the others from a seller on Depop who sold me them all as a bundle. My favourites are definitely Valentines, Epcot & Space Adventure (because that one actually moves, it literally rocks backwards & forwards like in the film, damn now I have to go watch the first film again! Funnily enough Space Adventure was the one pin in the bundle I thought I'd be least interested in!)

 So those are my August Favourites, I hope you enjoyed seeing everything. 
What's been on your favourites list?
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