Thursday, 18 May 2017

WEEK IN REVIEW. 18.05.17.

I don't half pick funny random days of the week to post these, but I guess like most things on my blog nowadays, they're done in the moment, when the inspiration strikes. 

So today's post is a week in review post, I love writing these types of post, because I get to tell you a sort of story about my week and if I'm lucky you guys will let me know how you've been too either via commenting or sometimes you guys tweet me which is really nice because I love hearing from you.

 This past week has been all over the place.

I've had a lot of ups and downs, and I've been keeping to strict deadlines for university (and I STILL haven't finished). I'm struggling with one of the three assignments quite a lot but I guess I'm getting there, I'm just over halfway now. I've finished one assignment completely and the third has been started and I feel positive about that one, I'm not concerned about writing that one.

I've been really rather tired recently but I'm getting through it, and I've been very emotionally confused lately. To clarify that, I mean one minute I feel positive about my progression with life in general and then I feel really worried that I'm not making any real progression. I guess I just have to trust that I'll get where I need to be at the end.

I recently picked up a fashion magazine (which I haven't done in a very long time) because I fancy browsing at the visual elements of it and admiring the way in which they choose to put together an outfit. 

I've personally been more invested in sorting my wardrobe out, since I'm always finding holes in it, (I'd love to say that was just the slip of the tongue but honestly I've also found the tops I own in a certain soft material keep getting multiple holes in them at the bottom center and I have NO idea why, I do know it isn't moths though) and tops are always lacking. I've been dressing in a more mature way, whilst keeping my little spin on things as always.

I've been watching Doctor Who for the first real time since David Tennant's days as the doctor, and I'll be honest, it took me a REALLY long time to get into it. I have to admit that Peter Capaldi is good at what he does, but it just doesn't feel right reverting from super gorgeous David Tennant to Matt Smith (who didn't float my boat) to Capaldi. Sad truth, but aesthetics really come into my enjoyment of programs. I hope that doesn't sound as superficial as it does now in my head?! Anyway, I have been enjoying the new series now that I've caught up on BBC iplayer and I feel more connected with the characters. Any DW fans reading this? What are your thoughts on PC and the 'new' DW?

Good things? Well I'm a sad-ass sap who has started enjoying crappy short romance novels because that's better than being hit on by some of the deadbeat old guys who make eyes at the girls in this town. No idea where that sentiment came from. Probably the dark recesses of my soul.

I'm gonna go get some hot cocoa and think about life.

Ah anyway, if you read this, you need some milk.
(HE NEEDS SOME MILK if you had no idea what I was referencing. Look it up)


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