Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Recently, in case you hadn't seen, the ruffle trend has been trickling into the high street stores like rivers of goodness ready to capture the hearts of any unsuspecting ladies. The ruffle trend has, shall we say, hit hard, and I believe the trend is here to stay. 

I myself became captivated after having discovered a top that was so unlike anything else I'd encountered (a certain sold out limited edition Topshop top that I showed in my Spring Haul & Wardrobe Update video) As I mentioned in the video, I had to send back the one I had due to it's unforgiving material, and said I had found another elsewhere (that fell through, but I've since found another which I'll have in hand hopefully by the end of the week!) 

Anyway, I wanted to share with you, and possibly introduce you to what I believe is a lasting and beautiful trend: The puff sleeve ruffle top.

Credit: AliexExpress
Credit: Boohoo
Credit: StyleofSam

Credit: TheFashionMagpie

This trend can be mastered for daytime pleasure with simple blue wash jeans, or for more fancy ocassions, a similarly ruffled skirt in either a different colour (if matching with a white top, it can look beautiful with a bright and colourful A Line skirt) or in the same colour (which proves tricky if trying to match up as shade differences aren't usually subtle!) Pair with some oversized sunglasses and you could look like a movie star. 

I myself have ordered the Boohoo version as shown in the second image above, and am looking forward to showing you my take on the outfit I have in mind. This trend isn't for the faint hearted, it is in itself, a work of art, and something the wearer should wear proudly and confidently, because darling, you look a million dollars.

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