Tuesday, 31 January 2017

WEEK IN REVIEW. 31.01.2017.

This week has been a bit stressful, but it's also been very rewarding, and I feel like I'm getting through my final university assignment well. I say final, because it's the final one of this batch of three, but in a couple of weeks I'll be required to fill in three more so I can't get all excited that it's over yet...

I posted my new video on Sunday, click the photo below if you want to go and take a look, it'd mean a lot to me if you gave it a like and subscribed if you haven't already.

So, back to the week in review part of this post. I enjoyed doing gel nails at home for the first time last week and that was brilliant. I got my nose pierced, so that was also an interesting experience. I started reading a Sophie Kinsella book that I've not read before, because I have been struggling to fall asleep lately, and I've missed her novels. I'm currently reading Wedding Night

My week has mostly consisted of assignment researching and writing and cuddling cats. I've also recently started watching an old play-through of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch by "Stampy Long Head" which I've been enjoying, although if I'm honest his "ah-ah" laugh kind of does my head in a little.... *ouch at my honesty*

I also discovered that my nose shape means I can only comfortably wear nose rings and L shaped studs (don't change your jewellery before 3-4 months healing is up unless you want an infection, I had to change mine from a corkscrew stud because it was causing me unnatural discomfort, I know because I've had my nose pierced twice, and I had no unusual discomfort only a few hours after having a corkscrew piercing on the opposite side of my nose!) I'd had my nose pierced initially on the right side, but realised I disliked it on that side, and removed it 24 hours after having had it done, and then got it repierced on the left side the following morning, I'm strange like that, I know.

I also found it rather pleasurable seeking new jewellery for my new piercings for when I can comfortably switch out the jewellery. I had to change the initial helix piercing jewellery before it's even healed as I had it pierced with a ball-hoop which was incredibly uncomfortable and painful to sleep on (note to anyone contemplating new piercings: don't get hoops/rings. Switch to them when the piercing is fully healed because sleeping on hoops/rings and accidentally pulling them ((which happens far more commonly than you'd imagine)) really hurts!) I switched out the ball-hoop in my helix to a ball-secured stud. I put in a 3mm wide blue opal and it's so pretty (you can see it in the thumbnail above). I also ordered it in a 5mm width one as the 3mm is tiny, however, for my ear shape and size, the 5mm is a little too big, so I've left the 3mm in and that's what'll remain until the 3 month healing phase is up. The link to the opal stud I have is HERE. When I say 3 and 5mm, I mean the width of the OPAL, not the width of the bar section which goes through the piercing. It's only 1.2mm in width so it's not going to stretch your piercings, don't panic.

Anyway, I do hope this week has treated each one of you well, have you achieved your goals? Have you been feeling enthusiastic about what you're doing lately? I hope you feel fulfilled with your life at the moment, I know it's easy to feel demotivated when the weather is as miserable as it's been here this week.

Love and Light, 

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