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What are you wearing?

I'm currently wearing my favourite old grey jumper with a "jewel" encrusted collar that I've had for years from Topshop, and a black maxi dress from River Island with long sleeves and tights.

Ever been in love?

Yes. Twice. The other two occasions I came to realise were not, they were just solely lust, no real magic, or real feeling, just the desire to fill an emotional void I guess you could say. So twice, but both times have been very different. The first was when I was very young (14 to 19) and whilst I can say that I was in love, it was very different to how I feel now. I feel that with age, the feeling has changed a lot. It's not an explosive, erratic feeling, it is the feeling of true calm and content.

Ever had a terrible breakup?

As I've said in the past when filling these out, no, I have not. Breakups are never easy, but sometimes necessary and when carried out in a calm, dignified way, it can be handled as two people just separating.

How tall are you?

Same as before, I'm 5 ft 4 and ½.

How much do you weigh?

That's something I've always struggled with. I prefer not to disclose that, from a "that's private" point of view, which is understandable, everyone has things they struggle with.

Any tattoos?

Yes, same as last time, still my infinity symbol tattooed on my left wrist, it represents how long I love people for, be they lovers, friends, family, living or departed. I have plans to get a few more (again very small ones) in 2017, but I'm unsure if those plans will come to anything.

Any piercings?

Just my ears, one in each, no changes there and I no longer have any desire to get any other form of piercing.

OTP (one true pairing)?

I don't have one. How about Lilo & Stitch? That's the only real material pairing that has remained unchanged.

Favourite show?

Currently Amazon Instant Video's Lucifer, which is available to Prime members only. I can't wait for its return in January. Otherwise, I love NCIS currently, and since it's the festive time of year, I enjoy Kirstie's Handmade Christmas although I find her personally a little extravagant and can grate on me a little.

Favourite bands?

Still OMAM (Of Monsters and Men)

Something you miss?

Nothing. I don't miss anything. The only thing I will always miss is my family who have sadly departed, but otherwise, nothing.

Favourite song?

Honestly? I don't know. I still love the album Beneath The Skin by Of Monsters and Men and all the songs on it (literally all the songs) and also enjoy Shelter by Porter Robinson and Madeon.

How old are you?

 I'm 21. Soon to be 22. That doesn't sound as lovely as 21 sounds when you say it aloud. It has less of a ring to it.

Zodiac sign?


Quality in a partner?

That hasn't changed even remotely.

 Direct from last time: 

“I like a humorous man, someone who can make me laugh, not a class clown, but someone whose humour can be borderline cheesy, an older guy is sort of a must for me, someone younger is a no go zone, no matter what I feel for them. I don't want to be the older person in the relationship. I like someone that I can have a soul connection with, and that feeling like my heart drops in my chest every time I see them in front of me, or hear their voice. If I don’t feel that, then I probably don’t love them."

Favourite quote?

I go blank on this every time, and looking back at my previous answer, I actually really like it, so here you go:

 "As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better."

Favourite actor?

Hmm. I don't really have one to be honest. Tom Hanks? (not in a "oh he's attractive" way, just in a simple admiration of his talent way)

Favourite colour?

Blue. And Burgundy.

Loud or soft music?

Same as before. I listen to a lot of genres. I like loud and soft music. I don't like metal/punk/heavy metal/rock though.

Where do you go when you're sad?

Anywhere. I walk and I walk, or I grab a bus if my bus pass is still valid. I just like to get away. Sometimes M&S cafe. The one where I live. I'll go there, get a hot chocolate and a gingerbread man and mull over things, and remember all the happy times I shared with my grandma there.           

 How long does it take you to shower?

Ten minutes maximum.

How long does it take you to get ready after waking up?

I allow myself 2 hours. It sounds mad I know, but I always leave far more time than I need so I can just relax before I leave once I am ready to go.

Ever been a physical fight?

Same as before:

“Yes, twice. They were not pleasant experiences, but I gave as good as they did.” 

It's not something I am proud of. Far from it. I am very much the kind of person to avoid conflict now. I keep well away from verbal or physical fights.

 Turn on?

 “Scottish accent, dark hair, a bit of a quiff at the front of the hair. That's super cute. A great jawline.       If they have an amazing personality and I get an amazing feeling when I'm with them, that is all that matters."

I described my boyfriend, apart from the Scottish accent, he'll be pleased!

Turn off?

“An arrogant, self obsessed football maniac.”

Yes, arrogance still is a no in my books!

Why did you start your blog?

“To express my fascination with fashion and beauty and discuss all lifestyle things.

        And because I created the blog as an extension of MYSELF. Because I lost my grandma, such a massive part of my life, lost myself, and wanted a hobby to distract myself and help myself recover, because I was still suffering horrendously after two years. It’s strange isn't it? Only now, almost 5 years later, do I not get a stab in my throat, stomach and chest when I realise again that my grandma isn't around any more. I am able at last to just be grateful she was around as long as she was, and love and appreciate the memories I made with her. Love you grandma."

Same as before basically.


“The fear of drowning trapped in a boat. Maybe spiders a lot too.”

Last thing that made you cry?

I can't remember. I don't often cry. I think I cried with joy recently when Suki (my tortoiseshell kitten, she's 7 months old) looked really, seriously cute.

Last time you said you loved someone?

 Maybe yesterday?

 Meaning behind your blog name?

 "It was a name that came to mind, I researched to see if it was in use, it wasn't, and I liked it, and fashion, so it came into being." 

Last book you read?

"I don’t read as much as I should. I only read for university. I know, I'm probably very unintelligent." Most recently, I can't remember the last time I read an entire book cover to cover honestly. I skim books where I can to absorb information quickly, and don't tend to read for pleasure purposes because it doesn't bring me any pleasure personally.

Book you're currently reading?


Last show you watched?

NCIS last night.

Last person you talked to?

 My boyfriend.

The relationship between you and the last person you texted?

He's my boyfriend (self explanatory really)

 Favourite food?

I don't really know anymore. I've had problems with my gallbladder lately, and I'm awaiting an ultrasound to find out what's wrong, so food doesn't really interest me. I've gone from being the person obsessed  with food to not really caring for it, and living off bland food where I can.

Places you want to visit?

Still the Maldives, although I'd love to revisit Greece. 

 Last place you were?

I came home from the beach a few hours ago where I went for a walk with my boyfriend.

 Do you have a crush?

Well, obviously.

Last time you kissed someone?


Last time you were insulted?

This morning. 

Favourite flavour of sweets?

Coca Cola.

 What instruments do you play?

 “I can play piano fairly well, a bit of Clarinet too."

          "No fam, you can barely read music, can’t understand time signatures, and if you call the tiny little piece you remember off by heart without having to painstakingly mark notes on the piano keys “playing piano fairly well” then you’re playing yourself fairly well, and you cannot remember how to play Clarinet any more either."

Absolutely secretly wetting myself over the answer above that I put in February, I can't even remember having written that but my god it's true.

 Favourite piece of jewellery?

“ My grandma's ring, and pearl earrings she left me.

      And one of those earrings rolled down the back of my wall and down the floorboard to forever remain there until the hardboard in my room is removed. Otherwise, I currently adore my Primark pearl earrings (have done for 5 years), my sterling silver garnet ring, and sterling silver labradorite ring."

I'm also rather taken with chokers at the moment which reminds me that I need to repair three of mine as the clasps have detached.

Last sport you played?

I can't remember, I'm not big into sports and I haven't been for many years. I've always enjoyed the rather "stranger" forms of sport like swimming and zumba.

 Last song you sang?

"Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap.

Favourite chat up line?

I don't have one, nor do I need one.

 Have you ever used it?

Last time you hung out with anyone?

 This afternoon with my boyfriend (I sound like I'm bragging when I say that, sorry, I don't mean it in a braggy way, I'm just being honest.)

Who should do this tag next?

"Anyone who wants to!"


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