Friday, 2 September 2016


Trawling through endless adverts for high-end designers, featuring flawless looking models, with mad but perfect hair, I began to realise to myself why I stopped reading fashion magazines.
Not only is there a ridiculous feel to most of the advertised outfits, but there has always been something that I just didn't get from these magazines: inspiration. I don't see anything "normal" about the adverts for high-end brands, just a lot of mad makeup, crazy big hair, and unrealistic outfits. Let's be honest, who is going to go out wearing a huge frumpy cardigan stitched with Swarovski gems and emblazoned with emoji patches as they head off to a day at university, work, or the school run to collect their children? I can't put the brands and designers down: what I see is fabulous, ridiculous, yet appealing for the idea of flouncing about in at a lavish mansion party, but for the women on an everyday budget, I only see a lot of disappointment that they cannot relate to these adverts in any which way. I've always disagreed with the touching up of models too; how can one possibly accept themselves and be proud of their own body when perfectly ordinary women are being photoshopped to goddesses? 

Therefore, as well as my own photography inadequacies, I have decided not to showcase "fashion" anymore. I shall instead showcase "style". Outfits that I have created and I personally love. I'm not the kind of woman to pretend to like something when I don't: I'm fairly straightforward. If I don't like it, I'll generally say that I don't like it, or won't mention it at all.

My blog has been the poor abandoned love child of my imagination and inspiration as a result of my lack of inspiration lately, it has fallen into abandonment and I very much hope to kick start it once again and feed it with delights from life.


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