Tuesday, 27 September 2016


So the last week has been rather slow paced except for two days for me, and usually, whilst I welcome some quiet time, I've been feeling rather bored.

I caught my right big toe under the door to the living room early last week and proceeded to rip the toenail off the toe, leaving a rather horrible open wound (not nice at all). I've been on paracetamol every day as it's been very painful and have been housebound as I can't put a shoe on my foot. Rubbish, I know. 

I've used this "quiet time" to tidy up the house, cuddle cats, and collect my thoughts, as well as internet shop (oops) and acquire items for new haul videos which I hope to film soon. I always have this feeling of, if the haul is too small it's not worth my time filming it nor the viewers viewing it, or if the haul is too large, it's boring, so I always try to gage what is exciting and worth filming, and what isn't. 

I also came off a long-term hormone medication a couple of months ago and this has severely affected my skin, resulting in quite horrible breakouts and causing me to reach more and more for the foundation, which I had previously left alone entirely. I've come to the conclusion that I need to go back onto the hormone medicine (I came off through my own choice, I was not recommended to) because not only is it acne wars on my face and my chest, but there has also been a "I can't control my emotions" war recently, and it has been let's say, less than favourable.

Anyway, that's your little update, videos are in the works, toe is starting to recover, life is moving forward. I hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful start to Autumn.

Love & Light,


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Saturday, 3 September 2016


Having spent until half past midnight last night working on a new gameplay for my channel (which I must just say I am thrilled with, however, concerned about copyright ownership and issues revolving around copyright) I decided I needed to clean up and tidy my desk. Basically, big declutter time.

*Brief pause as hears cat flap microchip scanner indiciate cat has arrived indoors from rain and requires thorough towel down and cuddle*

I really love my desk space as an area to think, plan new content and just generally admire how "me" everything is. Not having your own home means you rely on living in someone else's home (in my case my parent's home) and having to accept other people's tastes and choices of decor, which you may or may not like. My room however, is the one place I can always come to be myself. It's a space, not only for sleeping, relaxing, (constant tidying), but also for creating, thinking and planning, so therefore a room should be a place you can enjoy.

I also picked up a new phone case recently and I love how cute it is! It's a silicone one so it's squishy too, and surprisingly high quality. I bought it on Depop in case you wanted to purchase one too.

I also decided today upon seeing Miko, my ginger, male kitten, looking so incredibly cute that I'd need to take some photos of him. Suki was asleep and Gü was out so they'll both have to have their photoshoots another time!

Have a wonderful day everyone,

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Friday, 2 September 2016


Trawling through endless adverts for high-end designers, featuring flawless looking models, with mad but perfect hair, I began to realise to myself why I stopped reading fashion magazines.
Not only is there a ridiculous feel to most of the advertised outfits, but there has always been something that I just didn't get from these magazines: inspiration. I don't see anything "normal" about the adverts for high-end brands, just a lot of mad makeup, crazy big hair, and unrealistic outfits. Let's be honest, who is going to go out wearing a huge frumpy cardigan stitched with Swarovski gems and emblazoned with emoji patches as they head off to a day at university, work, or the school run to collect their children? I can't put the brands and designers down: what I see is fabulous, ridiculous, yet appealing for the idea of flouncing about in at a lavish mansion party, but for the women on an everyday budget, I only see a lot of disappointment that they cannot relate to these adverts in any which way. I've always disagreed with the touching up of models too; how can one possibly accept themselves and be proud of their own body when perfectly ordinary women are being photoshopped to goddesses? 

Therefore, as well as my own photography inadequacies, I have decided not to showcase "fashion" anymore. I shall instead showcase "style". Outfits that I have created and I personally love. I'm not the kind of woman to pretend to like something when I don't: I'm fairly straightforward. If I don't like it, I'll generally say that I don't like it, or won't mention it at all.

My blog has been the poor abandoned love child of my imagination and inspiration as a result of my lack of inspiration lately, it has fallen into abandonment and I very much hope to kick start it once again and feed it with delights from life.


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