Monday, 11 April 2016


So. Here we are. The very final "Music For The Soul" post that I will ever write. It's been amazing and I've loved sharing some of my musical favourites with you, but I feel like it's time to move on from this style of post, and hopefully create something else that is new and improved in the future. 

Let's Begin.

Firstly, a song that I've had on repeat for the last three days, because it's heaven.

Akon - Be With You (Nedu Remix)

This song is just beautiful. I can't explain what it is about it that I love so much, I just do, it gives me that feeling that feels like your heart has been lifted. 

Next up is an old favourite. Old, but gold. 

Iyaz - Replay (Roial Remix)

This song is something that I always come back to, in the form of the original, or of one of the many stunning tropical house remixes. This particular remix just happens to be one that I particularly love. It's tropical undertones escort you away to warmer climates by the sun, the sea and the sand and I love that.

Third in line is:

Michael Jackson ft. Akon - Hold My Hand (Bergs Remix)

This one I have spoken about before but not in a Music For The Soul post, so I figure I can post about it here now. This has been a song that I've loved for a long time, and always return to when the time is right. It's romantic, it's heart warming, and makes you want to be by the one you love. 

And finally, because this was my JAM as a child:

Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls (Andie Roy & Suntimechild Remix) [Deep House]

I always return to this cheeky little remix, because of the beat, the rhythm and the tropical echoes that run through this one. It's a song you can't help but love if like me you enjoy Tropical House music for dancing to, and relaxing to.

Well, I guess that concludes our final Music For the Soul venture now, doesn't it? Don't worry, I want to continue sharing my musical favourites with you, but I want to create a new form of it, maybe just a name change, because I want this year's posts to reflect this year's me. Last year's me was a very lost woman, who made mistakes, got played by mind games, and just embarrassed this year's me. I can't change things from last year, but what I can do, is move on and smile. So, from this point forward, it's time to embrace the here, the now, and the future, because the future is bright. For all of us.

All my love,

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