Saturday, 16 April 2016


So if you only keep up with my blog, and not my YouTube channel, you probably won't have heard the news that I'm starting to do game play throughs over on my YouTube Channel. My channel name now reflects this change and has become Thegirlcriedfashion / BluSno Gaming, the name BluSno Gaming is quite personal, and I'll probably explain the origins of the name sometime down the line but for now, that's all you'll know.

I'm really happy with how things are panning out, my equipment (most of it) arrived today in so many boxes, I felt sorry for the delivery guy! If you're interested in having a nosy at what equipment I received today go and friend me on Snapchat (@tgcfashion), I accept everyone over there, and you can take a peak at what arrived.

I've got more equipment to order on Monday and I'm expecting my computer to arrive either then or Tuesday so I have to be in to wait around for it. I'm really excited to get it; it's nothing "special" but to have my own computer is very, very exciting for me. I no longer have to depend on my mother's good graces allowing me to use her computer when she isn't using it. She's been very kind and patient allowing me to use hers (the one I'm typing on right now) but it's now time since I'm doing gameplays soon that I have my own powerful computer.

I made a fluff up though and ordered what I thought was a hard copy of a PC game and paid double what it costs on Steam just so I could have a "hard copy" as that's something I prefer and I'm fussy about, turns out I've basically been ripped off, and it's a disc linking you to Steam, so I'm returning the game, getting a refund and just buying it straight from Steam for half the price I paid. It really grates on me when sellers think it's okay to trick people. The listing image showed the front of the game box with PC /DVD Rom written on it, so I was more than comfortable buying it, just to discover it's not an actual hard copy. So annoying. *rolls eyes* Oh look, there's that sass.

In other good news, a super exciting new video goes live on my channel tomorrow at 5pm GMT+1, so I'm very much looking forward to everyone being able to see it at last. My first ever game play is sort of marked in my calendar as being Wednesday 4th May, but if circumstances change, uni demands more of me, or some equipment is incompatible, or just unforeseen circumstances occur, then this may be slightly delayed, but I'm hoping it won't be because I can't wait to get started.

Anyway, I've gone all sleepy and I fancy a cup of tea. (I've had about 8 already today. Don't even ask me how I've managed that, I've been drinking them subconsciously whilst my friend was here who doesn't drink hot drinks like tea or coffee and they kept noticing how many cups of tea I was making!)

I hope you're all having a beautiful day,

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