Wednesday, 2 March 2016


This past week has definitely had it's ups and downs.

The weekend was extremely difficult for me. Things had piled up on me emotionally, and I ended up shutting myself away, and everything just got a bit much. 

This carried through to Monday, and yesterday (Tuesday) and I struggled to go to uni yesterday. I made it in thankfully, and cheered up gradually, but I didn't manage to make it in on Monday. I haven't had such a bad weekend emotionally in quite some time, but hey, life comes with it's ups and downs, you have to take the good with the bad. It's important to remember that.

On Sunday, when things hit rock bottom, I filmed a very brutally honest video that will go live on my channel on the 13th of March (unless my planned uploads swap around again, as it was initially planned it'd go live on the 16th...) I decided that I'd take my mind off things and run a nice hot bath (which was luke warm, I think the gas company need to sort that out... either that or I don't love baths unless they're as hot as the inner core of the Earth...) but I decided to try my beautiful Lush Ltd "Lover Lamp" bath bomb, and oh boy, I felt like most of my anxieties melted away with the glittery red bath melt hearts. I felt like my soul had been warmed through, and I felt oddly content watching the fizzy white water whirl around my legs. It is one of my favourite bath bombs for sure. Whilst Intergalactic reigns supreme in first place, The Golden Wonder in second, and Lord of Misrule third, Lover Lamp probably jossles for the prized third place with LoM. The clementine and vanilla oil scent sent me drifting to a place of supreme tranquility. It's a shame it's a Valentines day limited edition bomb, but it did make it even more of a luxury, and I felt extremely loved and pampered using it, something I definitely needed.

Another good thing was taking inspiration from some photographs of Kiera Rose on her Instagram, beautiful close up photographs of her which were just stunning. I wanted to create something similar, as my trademark display picture for all of my social media accounts over the past month has been a rather poor quality iPhone 5s picture, so I wanted something a little extra special, taken on my beautiful new camera (which I also use for filming) and I was delighted with the clean black and white contrast images that I created.

I also rediscovered a song that Lily Melrose used in one of her videos a long time ago, but never could find the name of it, however, upon returning to the video (god bless the comments section) someone had found out the name of it and commented it, so I've been listening to it on repeat today whilst I wrote my university reflective piece. 
Another positive was having my nails professionally done for the first time ever. I'd never had acrylics done and had always admired my friend Dominique's nails (hi Dom if you're reading haha) and I finally took the plunge and got mine done in a beautiful Opi colour (which from research I've concluded must be from the Swimsuit collection called "Nailed it") but I love them. I then realised they match my bus pass, and also Markiplier's hair (when it was blue). The same day I had my nails done, I'd had my hair trimmed and freshened up by my hairdresser in the morning, and it feels and looks so much nicer now. Overall, that was a wonderful day.

I hope you're all having a better start to your week!

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