Friday, 11 March 2016


So I decided today that I wanted to write a new blog post, and I wanted to help you get to know me a bit better now that there are a little over 800 of you in #teamtgcf, our Ohana, over on YouTube. That's big. that's really, really, big, and I'm so proud of all of you, and of my channel, for being a place where you can all watch my videos, relax, hopefully have a laugh or maybe even learn something new, and I love that.

1. What’s your favourite colour?
Blue. It used to be baby blue, but I love all shades of blue as an adult.
2. What’s your favourite number?
Honestly? I don't have a "favourite number", and I never have. 
3. What is your dream career?
Blogging and YouTube. Original, I know. I'd love to write a book and I do have a lot of ideas in mind, since I study English as a degree, it seems a little more possible now.
4. Where do you see yourself living when you’re on your own?
Honestly? I don't know. I'm not sure if I'll stay where I've grown up and am currently, or if I'll move to a larger city. I am tempted to live in London, but I'd need a comfortable career first for that to become a reality. I'm also attracted to the idea of living in Edinburgh.
5. Where is your favourite place to travel?
Well, I've only been to France, and Barbados in my lifetime, and out of those, obviously Barbados has been my favourite. I'm travelling to Disney Land Paris in 12 days so I'm very excited about that.
6. What do you do in your free time?
Mainly creating content for my YouTube channel, watching my favourite YouTubers, playing a bit of PS3 here and there if I feel like it (I've been loving Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception lately)
7. Favourite clothing stores?
ASOS. Sounds odd I know, but I have taken a disliking to shopping in stores in person recently, the shops I go to never have things I like any more, and it's been this way since Spring last year, so I just browse ASOS and tend to buy about 80% of my clothes there now.
8. Dream car?
Mint green Fiat 500. I've held my drivers licence for 3 years and not driven during that time due to how expensive it is.
9. What TV shows can’t you live without?
None. I could happily move somewhere now if I could afford it and live without a TV licence and just use the TV for YouTube on my PS3.
10. 3 things (more like people) you need in your life are…
Mum, Courtney, and I don't know, she's not a "human" but Gu, because I adore her.
11. I can’t sleep without…?
My pyjamas. Honestly, I would NEVER sleep naked. No no no no no.
12. If you were given 1 million dollars all for yourself what would you do with it?
Buy myself a studio apartment with big windows and clean white walls, a mint green fiat 500 and go travelling. I'd also donate a considerable sum to a cat's rescue and adoption centre that does great work and needs more donations because CATS ARE LIFE.
13. I have a celebrity crush on…?
14. What is your favourite treat to eat?
Oh god why. I shouldn't be answering this question... Doughnuts, FRAZZLES (when it's that time of the month, god only knows why), and chocolate, but I try to avoid all of these at all costs. I'm very weight conscious
15. My favourite wild animal is…
... Not sure, pheasants? Scottish wildcats? I like plenty of animals.
16. What is your favourite season?
Autumn, I think.
17. My favourite childhood shows were…
LILO & STITCH although to watch the series you had to have Sky I think, so I only ever watched it when I was at my friends house.
18. Why did you start making YouTube videos?
I've said it before but I'll say it again, I started in June 2013 to find myself and a place on the internet to express myself.
19. What do you hold close to your heart?
Success and hope. Sounds weird but I believe I can be successful, and I'm determined to be.
20. What is one music artist that you are in love with?
None. I don't "Love" any music artist. I appreciate music, but I'm not in love with a music artist.

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