Thursday, 11 February 2016


So a product that has made its way onto many a wishlist of mine is the Body Shop's Clementine Eau De Toilette. 

With clementine being one of my favourite scents, it seemed only right when I forgot to spritz myself with one of my many Marc Jacobs favourites the other morning that I would need to pick up a bottle of perfume when I was at uni for the day. The Body Shop in my home town shut down years ago, but the one in the area where my university is remains open and thriving, and the scent as I walked past attracted me inside.

I'd already made up my mind before entering the building that I'd get the clementine eau de toilette mind you, but I wanted to experience a Body Shop again, as I missed that nostalgic arrangement of the store, and the oh so nostalgic scent that wafts delightfully and pours of its doors like freshly squeezed orange juice...

Let's all ignore my stubby nails please.
This satsuma/clementine perfume lives up to all my expectations in every way. 

The scent lasts HOURS and gradually becomes more subtle with time. At £8.50 for 30ml, it's VERY reasonably priced and smells incredibly natural. Also, it's another cruelty free product, so you can feel a little better when spritzing yourself with it like a perfume spritzer girl (or guy if you like clementines ^-^) 

This perfume is just EVERYTHING. It's amazing, it smells incredible, and it's highly affordable. My only disappointment is that the 30ml bottle is the ONLY size that they make. You can't get a larger one unfortunately :(

So all in all, a magnificent little perfume sure to brighten your day!

Will you be trying this little ray of sunshine?


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