Saturday, 20 February 2016


This week has been nothing short of a miracle. Honestly. It's time for me to explain the whole of this week to you in the plainest of terms. Refined down to the exact reasons why this week has been nothing short of a miracle.

1. Wearing foundation again. It's going to sound crazy, but going a week without foundation does something mad to my brain. I feel so "not put together", I feel like my eye makeup needs to be cleaner and better blended and that my lips need serious work to keep clean lines. Going back to wearing it, has made me feel put together.

2. Healthy eating. I started my health venture yesterday, although had planned to commence properly on Monday, I've started early, and I'm already feeling the benefits. I'm already more awake, alert, and more cheerful, although that's partly down to the next reason too..

3. I developed a massive crush on Markiplier. Hmm, okay, so it didn't happen this week, but it's something worth noting, I really love how down to Earth he is, how much he loves space like I do, and how throughout all that life has thrown at him, he's stayed humane and kind. I do tend to fall for men with a kind heart. His channel, and social media links just make me even happier.

4. Noticing more of nature. Taking in more of my surroundings on a daily basis has helped me clear my head, and enjoy more of the beauty around me.

5. Working out from home. I bought myself a fitness "board" and I've been doing sit ups (managed to hit my head really hard on it because apparently I'm quite stupid!) doing resistance training and weights, and so far I am actually enjoying it.

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