Saturday, 20 February 2016


This week has been nothing short of a miracle. Honestly. It's time for me to explain the whole of this week to you in the plainest of terms. Refined down to the exact reasons why this week has been nothing short of a miracle.

1. Wearing foundation again. It's going to sound crazy, but going a week without foundation does something mad to my brain. I feel so "not put together", I feel like my eye makeup needs to be cleaner and better blended and that my lips need serious work to keep clean lines. Going back to wearing it, has made me feel put together.

2. Healthy eating. I started my health venture yesterday, although had planned to commence properly on Monday, I've started early, and I'm already feeling the benefits. I'm already more awake, alert, and more cheerful, although that's partly down to the next reason too..

3. I developed a massive crush on Markiplier. Hmm, okay, so it didn't happen this week, but it's something worth noting, I really love how down to Earth he is, how much he loves space like I do, and how throughout all that life has thrown at him, he's stayed humane and kind. I do tend to fall for men with a kind heart. His channel, and social media links just make me even happier.

4. Noticing more of nature. Taking in more of my surroundings on a daily basis has helped me clear my head, and enjoy more of the beauty around me.

5. Working out from home. I bought myself a fitness "board" and I've been doing sit ups (managed to hit my head really hard on it because apparently I'm quite stupid!) doing resistance training and weights, and so far I am actually enjoying it.

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Thursday, 11 February 2016


So a product that has made its way onto many a wishlist of mine is the Body Shop's Clementine Eau De Toilette. 

With clementine being one of my favourite scents, it seemed only right when I forgot to spritz myself with one of my many Marc Jacobs favourites the other morning that I would need to pick up a bottle of perfume when I was at uni for the day. The Body Shop in my home town shut down years ago, but the one in the area where my university is remains open and thriving, and the scent as I walked past attracted me inside.

I'd already made up my mind before entering the building that I'd get the clementine eau de toilette mind you, but I wanted to experience a Body Shop again, as I missed that nostalgic arrangement of the store, and the oh so nostalgic scent that wafts delightfully and pours of its doors like freshly squeezed orange juice...

Let's all ignore my stubby nails please.
This satsuma/clementine perfume lives up to all my expectations in every way. 

The scent lasts HOURS and gradually becomes more subtle with time. At £8.50 for 30ml, it's VERY reasonably priced and smells incredibly natural. Also, it's another cruelty free product, so you can feel a little better when spritzing yourself with it like a perfume spritzer girl (or guy if you like clementines ^-^) 

This perfume is just EVERYTHING. It's amazing, it smells incredible, and it's highly affordable. My only disappointment is that the 30ml bottle is the ONLY size that they make. You can't get a larger one unfortunately :(

So all in all, a magnificent little perfume sure to brighten your day!

Will you be trying this little ray of sunshine?


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Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Prepare for major embarrassment and humiliation of the blog owner. Yes, that's me.

Original TMI Tag.

What are you wearing?

A jungle green, leaf printed dress from Primark at the start of 2015, because I like it, and I can. I haven’t worn it in ages, so why not?

Ever been in love?

As I said last time I did this tag in February 2014, yes. However, since last doing the tag, I’ve been in "love" again. I was in love with one man for 5 years,  and more recently, I’ve been in "love" with a man for a year. (2014 - Early 2016)

Ever had a terrible breakup?

No, as I said last time, luckily not. I love from a distance, and I’ve never been in a relationship. I'm ready for one, but I have to wait for someone to love me first.

How tall are you?

Again, I haven’t grown, I'm 5 ft 4 and ½, and I'm very content being this height.

How much do you weigh?

Same answer as before, (sorry!) but to summarise what I said last time:
“My thesis is that if you are happy when you look in the mirror, you probably don't need to be worrying what the scales are saying when you stand on them.”

Any tattoos?

YES! This makes a change doesn't it? Reading my previous answer makes me chuckle (A LOT), you know, you fall in love, you do silly things... I got an infinity symbol tattooed on my left wrist, it represents how long I love people for, be they lovers, friends, family, living or departed.

Any piercings?

 Again, just my ears, and I'm 99% this won’t change. I wear a faux septum ring proudly, and have debated getting it actually pierced, but knowing me, I’d hate it in a couple years and regret it. However, I’ve always known I’d have to love my tattoo enough to have it done, and I did, so there.

OTP (one true pairing)?

 Awkward question. My mum still loves to throw out “You and X should have ended up together!” (the guy I loved for five years), but I "loved" the man from 2015 and felt a “connection” to him.

Favourite show?

Ooooh! Since doing the tag in 2014, I’ve loved Gogglebox, (low level humour but we all need this in our lives), First Dates (major conversation point with the bestie, Courtney), I'm not opposed to a bit of Downton Abbey, Blue Planet, Antiques Road Trip, Bargain Hunt... Most things really, anything not Big Brother-esque (sorry fans of the show, I can’t stand it, and won’t pretend not to hate it!)

Favourite bands?

Again, a massive update to this section. I discovered Of Monsters & Men in 2015, and they've been my absolute favourite band ever since. I’ve heard every song they've made, and love all of them, some have deeper resonance with me than others, but I adore them.

Something you miss?

Taken directly from last time I did this:
“School last year with my group of friends in my previous college, although I adore the people in my new college, I still miss my friends who have gone to uni, never will stop missing those days.”

-          Interesting. I feel healed since I wrote this, and don’t miss everyone so much. I see them occasionally, and talk to them, and I'm on social media with them, so I don’t feel so isolated any more. Looking back, I was unbearably unhappy, but now, joyfully content. This time? I miss my old college, not the first one that I wrote about before, but the second college that I hated when I wrote the quote above (28th February 2014), I found myself in the English Language class that I spoke of in older lifestyle posts, and loved everyone in the class, and was incredibly happy. I miss them, but I'm incredibly happy now, which makes a change. I don't have that heart wrenching loneliness I had before. My heart is open, and my mind is safely anchored.

Favourite song?

I cringed SO badly when I read my previous answer. It’s still a “good song” but certainly not my favourite. My favourite is probably “Empire” or “Organs” by Of Monsters & Men, or something by Ellie Goulding, because I’ve always been a huge fan of hers, since she first appeared on the music scene and wasn't well known.

How old are you?

 I'm 21 and proud.

Zodiac sign?

Well this obviously hasn't changed! Capricorn and proud, and yes, I do check the horoscope for the men I like.

Quality in a partner?

 Direct from last time:
“I like a humorous man, someone who can make me laugh, not a class clown, but someone whose humour can be borderline cheesy, an older guy is sort of a must for me, someone younger is a no go zone, no matter what I feel for them. I don't want to be the older person in the relationship.”
-          Honestly? THIS HASN'T CHANGED. I like someone that I can have a soul connection with, and that feeling like my heart drops in my chest every time I see them in front of me, or hear their voice. If I don’t feel that, then I probably don’t love them.

Favourite quote?

 "As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better."

Favourite actor?

*facepalm* Benedict was a major crush of mine when I wrote that, and a brilliant actor, but as of late, (and NO I don’t fancy him) I’ve been enjoying Tom Hanks’ performances, I really enjoyed “Cloud Atlas”.

Favourite colour?

Direct from last time:
“Burgundy. Has been for nearly a year. Always have a strong bond to blues though.”

Loud or soft music?

Direct from last time:
“I listen to classical in the morning on the way to college, and on the way home, and heavier David Guetta/ Flo Rida music in between.”

-          Not much has changed, I love the “Journey” soundtrack to calm me down, and Of Monsters and Men at any time.

Where do you go when you're sad?

Direct, once again:
 “The internet? I don't like whining on-line though, keep it to yourself! But most of the time I prefer my room!”
-          *facepalm* Truth is truth. I have been known to drift towards whining on-line though.
 How long does it take you to shower?

 “15 minutes...? With washing hair that is.”

How long does it take you to get ready after waking up?

Oh heck it’s doubled...

Ever been a physical fight?
“Yes, twice. They were not pleasant experiences, but I gave as good as they did.”

 Turn on?

 “Scottish accent, dark hair, a bit of a quiff at the front of the hair. That's super cute. A great jawline.”
-          Wow I was based on looks. I don’t mind. If they have an amazing personality and I get an amazing feeling when I'm with them, that is all that matters.

Turn off?

“An arrogant, self obsessed football maniac.”

*Cries with laughter hysterically in corner* OH GOD!

Why did you start your blog?

“To express my fascination with fashion and beauty and discuss all lifestyle things.”

-          And because I created the blog as an extension of MYSELF. Because I lost my grandma, such a massive part of my life, lost myself, and wanted a hobby to distract myself and help myself recover, because I was still suffering horrendously after two years. It’s strange isn't it? Only now, almost 5 years later, do I not get a stab in my throat, stomach and chest when I realise again that my grandma isn't around any more. I am able at last to just be grateful she was around as long as she was, and love and appreciate the memories I made with her. Love you grandma.


“The fear of drowning trapped in a boat. Maybe spiders a little too.”

-          Maybe spiders a LOT too.

Last thing that made you cry?

 “Having my heartbroken I think....?”

-          These last few months I’ve cried A LOT. Last time was probably that time of the month, or to do with university (before this new module), or that I can’t see the man I love any more? God only knows.

Last time you said you loved someone?

 “A long long time ago, unless to a family member.”

-          This morning to my mamma, and to Ben, I said I love him as a friend (before we all get the wrong idea, I love him solely as a friend, calm down internet) Otherwise, a VERY long time ago.

 Meaning behind your blog name?

 *Eugh* The last answer I put. It was a name that came to mind, I researched to see if it was in use, it wasn't, and I liked it, and fashion, so it came into being.

Last book you read?

I don’t read as much as I should. I only read for university. I know, I'm probably very unintelligent. It was probably “The Odyssey” (which I hated!)

Book you're currently reading?

None, I’ve had a Sophie Kinsella book on my book shelf calling me for over a year, and I haven’t touched it in months.

Last show you watched?

I can’t remember. I watched JackSepticEye play “Two Brothers” on YouTube a few hours ago.

Last person you talked to?

 My mum on the phone a few hours ago, and Ben just before that as he had dinner last night with me and stayed on my sofa!

The relationship between you and the last person you texted?


 Favourite food?

“Chocolate anything. Sorry!”

-          No changes there, sorry not sorry.

Places you want to visit?

Why the blooming heck did I put “Biarritz”?????? No, I want to visit Barbados again and The Maldives more than anything, and French Polynesia. Anywhere far away and hot.

 Last place you were?

At Ben’s house yesterday, otherwise sitting on the settee by the fire.

 Do you have a crush?

“Oui, c'est maladroit.”

-          ?? It’s not a crush, I’ve been/was in love with someone for over a year, and I am constantly fighting myself over it.

Last time you kissed someone?
 “On the cheek, my mum. On the lips? No-one ever.”

Last time you were insulted?

Oh good god the last answer I gave!! I honestly don’t know, people have been quite nice to me.

Favourite flavour of sweets?

“Chocolate, or cola. I also love apple. Hate cherry though!”

-          Still stands!

 What instruments do you play?

 “I can play piano fairly well, a bit of Clarinet too.”

-          No fam, you can barely read music, can’t understand time signatures, and if you call the tiny little piece you remember off by heart without having to painstakingly mark notes on the piano keys “playing piano fairly well” then you’re playing yourself fairly well, and you cannot remember how to play Clarinet any more either.

 Favourite piece of jewellery?

“ My grandma's ring, and pearl earrings she left me.”

-          And one of those earrings rolled down the back of my wall and down the floorboard to forever remain there until the hardboard in my room is removed. Otherwise, I currently adore my Primark pearl earrings (have done for 5 years), my sterling silver garnet ring, and sterling silver labradorite ring.

Last sport you played?

 “I am not the greatest fan of sports, I'm not a couch potato, nor a gym bunny, but I do like Zumba a lot though!”

I don’t even like Zumba that much anymore, as the venue I went to was overcrowded. I like to shake the booty at home haha.

 Last song you sang?

I'm singing “Take Me To Rio” right now haha.

Favourite chat up line?

 I don’t have one, so blow me away, it’s almost valentines day.

 Have you ever used it?

“Nope, I don't want to win the guys over.”

-          Forever classy.
Last time you hung out with anyone?

 This morning with Ben.

Who should do this tag next?

Anyone who wants to!

If you want to try this humiliating tag, just copy and paste it to your page and fill in your own answers!


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Tuesday, 2 February 2016


.."Heavy stones fear no weather..." - Empire, Of Monsters & Men.

Funny isn't it, how only a few days ago, I was saying how much I disliked university and how unhappy I was. We started our new module yesterday all about the ocean and literature, and honestly, I've never been happier. I love the module, I have endless ideas, I feel more passionate than I have in a long while about my work.

I'm happy again. Things are working exactly as they should, and I'm content with how things are going.

I do hope life is treating you well too. I'm off to my friend Ben's house today (I've never been to his house, in the 2 and a half years I've known him, he has always come to mine, but today I'm going to his house!) and I'm really excited. It'll be one of our usual catch ups, and playing video games. He's got Rise of The Tomb Raider apparently (a game I cannot play due to the platforms it is released on being platforms that I do not have!)

But yes, I'm very excited.

Have a lovely day!

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