Friday, 29 January 2016


I know, I know, I know, I don't "workout", and I'm not into fitness, unless you call fitness whole pizza into my mouth "fitness". Okay, terrible, lame pun I know.
I have decided that I need to be more comfortable with myself, and can only do this if I shift some stubborn tummy fat, and work this doublé chin off. 

I decided that as motivation, I'd buy myself some "pretty" workout gear whilst Missguided had a sale on, plus 25% student discount ON TOP of the sale, (the perfect opportunity to grab an absolute steal, to help you get abs of steel! OKAY OKAY ENOUGH PUNS)

They arrived on Wednesday morning, and my immediate thought was how lovely the items I ordered looked. The active bra unfortunately was a complete disappointment. It clearly wasn't designed for ladies of a larger bust, as there was little padding, it offered no more support than going braless and the straps were not adjustable. However, upon posting a brief review on my Instagram, Missguided noticed and DM'ed me, and offered me a free return and full refund, as well as accepting my feedback which they would pass onto the designers (all in all, quite a good result!) 

The top, which matches the bra is GORGEOUS. Again, flawed for ladies of a bigger bust though, it has a line going all the way across it where boobs are "expected" to end/cut off. Awks for us ladies with a bit of extra padding.... (Overshare, but TRUE) If the designers remove the line of stitching where the internal padding is, or lower it, you'd have yourself a product perfect for all ladies of all shapes and sizes. I would also say that the arm holes could do with being cut a little higher, as it reveals a bit too much boob under the arm, hence why I've got a cardigan done up around me whilst I am expecting the good looking postman to turn up at any minute so he doesn't see half of my under arm boobage...

The trousers, however, are ideal. I chose a size 12, and they're perfect. They're a very comfortable fit on me. I ensured I picked 3/4 length active trousers as I am a 28" leg, and therefore most "regular" cut trousers and jeans swamp my little legs. 

Just a crud quality iPhone image to show what the outfit looks like on (minus the bra!):

Having discovered YouTube sensation +blogilates last year, I fell in love with the simplicity of her workouts, and uncomplicated, easy to follow routines. I've started the 2016 Abs Workout today, and will continue to endeavour with it as much as I can. It's hardcore, and the "Corkscrew" move really tested me personally, but I did enjoy the feeling I got of feeling internal abs I never knew I had crunch and burn. I will say however, you can't expect to go from no exercise to completing this full routine overnight so PACE YO'SELF. Do as much as you can before your body says "Stop, no more".  Don't not push yourself, but don't overdo it is what I'm getting at.

2016 Ab Workout

So, have I convinced you to ditch the sofa and turn up the heat?

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