Saturday, 23 January 2016


So I think it has finally happened ladies and gentlemen. I have found the 99.9% perfect foundation for me, and its companion primer.
As I have spoken about in many videos over on my YouTube channel, I was using the L'Oréal Paris Infallible 24hr Matte Foundation and was absolutely loving it. Unfortunately, as Winter set in and my skin lost it's pretty sunkissed glow and instead turned to my pale porcelain white complexion (which I will just say I don't enjoy having, I'd rather be tanned any day!) my foundation was looking more and more muddy coloured against my pale skin tone. So, once again, the Winter hunt began for a new foundation.
That's where the L'Oréal Paris Infallible 24hr Foundation comes in. Available in far more shades than its matte sister, this foundation is far more welcoming to all skin tones. It's a lovely coverage, lighter than the matte foundation unfortunately, but that's where the mattifying primer comes into play. 
Without the primer, the foundation is less coverage than it's sister (the matte version), however, the pair combined makes for almost as good a result as just the matte foundation alone. The primer keeps the foundation in place for several hours without needing much attention and general tidy ups.
Now, back to the foundation:
The foundation itself as I said comes in a large variety of colours for all skin tones, and is quite blendable. Using fingers to apply the foundation applies it nicely, but using a brush also applies it fairly evenly, however the use of a beauty blender around the problematic areas and crease areas (like the sides of the nose, and under the eyes) to gently dab and smooth out the foundation greatly helps if you go for the brush option (which I personally find gives a much more flawless finish as opposed to using fingers, which I don't like!) 

The shade I use is 015 porcelain, (I think this is the palest colour that they offer) but with a soft light bronzer used to contour, this foundation comes alive, and the whole look pulls together beautifully.
The retail price for the foundation is £9.99 (£2 more than the matte version) and the primer is a very reasonable £7.99. Whilst I do prefer the warmth of the matte foundation, and the coverage is ever so slightly higher, this foundation is perfect for a necessary Winter switch up. However, we can all hope that L'Oréal realises their Matte range could do with a few new shades added, then we could all use the matte foundation all year round!
Despite the few small issues that I've mentioned, this really is a great foundation, and together, a magnificent duo, and is worth every penny. 
Will you be giving this base perfecting duo a try?

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