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So today in the post I received a beautiful ring from Chloe at Rose Garden Waterfall, I shall just clarify that I paid for it out of my own money and that all opinions are my own.
I had found Chloe's store through Depop, a buying and selling app that I frequent for things unusual, beautiful, or just things that take my fancy. I have said this recently in either a video or a blog post, but I do feel that Depop has gone a bit down-hill recently with people asking ridiculous prices, and used makeup being offered for premium 'new' prices (in my opinion selling used makeup is really gross *sorry but that's my opinion*, you don't know if that eye-shadow has been on the lids of someone with an eye infection, and you certainly don't know if that Mac lipstick has come into contact with a cold sore! Not to mention other yucky things, ew!) But that aside, there is an occasional good bargain to be had (if you can find it).
But for the unusual, hand crafted pieces, Depop is a great platform.
So I found Chloe's store through Depop, and had been lusting over her listings which advertised her site online. I decided to take a look and fell madly in love with just about every ring on there! In the end, on boxing day, I put in an order for a Garnet Love Spell Ring, and around the 6th of January ordered a Labradorite Aurora Borealis ring.

Today I received the Garnet Love Spell ring (after Hermes decided to deliver it elsewhere, through no fault of Chloe!) and it is absolutely majestic!
This stunning ring is usually sold in Chloe's store for £25.00, but Rose Garden Waterfall was having a Christmas discount event, so I managed to get a hefty 50% discount and got it for only £12.50, plus £5.00 delivery.
The packaging used was beautiful, a snowflake printed piece of tissue paper, and inside, a white see through pouch containing white "snow", (white glittery powder) and inside that was the ring.
The ring itself is beautifully intricate and well made, my only thought that isn't positive, (but not entirely negative) is that the back of the ring where it is welded is very tiny, and the back of the heart is entirely flat, sterling silver metal, making it appear slightly less expensive. However, this isn't at all visible when the ring is worn as is shown, so really, it's more likely me obsessing rather than a design flaw.
The Garnet used for the ring is beautiful, with an unusually beautiful clarity, cut and colour, and it's truly magical.
I haven't received the Labradorite ring yet, (which I'm not surprised, the store was very busy after the Christmas and New Year period shipping out all the orders!) But I'll happily show that one here too when I do receive it.
As for the seller, Chloe has been magnificent. The ring initially went to the wrong house and for a few days we emailed back and forth about the fact it was missing, and she contacted the courier to find out what was going on (Hermes were not helpful, but I cannot fault Chloe for trying and for her persistence in the matter, even on a Sunday when she doesn't work!)
Overall, the experience buying from Chloe was a very positive one, and I can't wait to get the Labradorite ring. I shall also happily order an Opal ring when one takes my fancy, as the second Enchanted Winter line drops in store in February (and I cannot wait to see the rings, in case you couldn't tell, rings are my jewellery of choice!)
Love and Light,
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