Sunday, 24 January 2016


For two long years, I've debated purchasing an Origins face mask, wondering if they really are all they're said to be. At first, my head was turned by the Origins Clear Improvement face mask, but in recent months, having seen several people raving about a different face mask by Origins, I thought it was time for me to splash the cash and invest in this so called "skin saviour".
I picked up the Origins "Out Of Trouble" mask, and immediately noticed the simplicity of the packaging, bright white with their traditional green coloured writing, and couldn't help but appreciate how clean and presentable it looked.
I was sceptical of trying this product; half of me was wild with excitement: "Could this be the ONE? The one that clears my skin up?" Having been through many products claiming to help skin problems, and acne that all fell far too short of that claim when tested made me feel extremely nervous about spending my money on such a product. By far the most expensive piece of skincare that I own, it certainly wasn't something I snatched up the instant I heard about it. I waited two whole years learning about the brand before I jumped in!
I decided two nights ago that I needed to try this as I felt a spot coming through on my cheek (unusual to say the least, I very, very rarely get them there!) So whilst watching "Cloud Atlas" with my mum (who isn't entirely taken with it, but like me finds it overwhelming and confusing in equal measure!) I decided to apply it.
Applying to clean, dry skin, I used my finger tips to sweep a thin layer of about two pea sized spheres onto my skin, and all over my face, taking extra care to ensure the sides of my nose and "problem areas" were suitable drenched. The consistency of the product isn't thin at all, it's a very luxurious thick consistency, like freshly whipped whipping cream, it's stiff and yet has a mild fluidity to it, which when carefully smoothed over the skin, feels refreshing and smooth. Truly, a luxury product in feel, but what about the results?
Well, for the first time using this product, I was and am still amazed by the results. After carefully washing away the product with my hands (as opposed to the recommended wet wash cloth) my facial skin was revealed, with cleaner, smaller, more healed looking acne "wounds". Having had nasty open sores on my forehead since a facial on the 9th of January (which I really regretted having!), this product finally gave the wounds some "closure" and helped to boost the healing of them. The spot that was coming through on my cheek is long since gone, and my skin looked and felt radiant. Soft and supple, and overall astoundingly clear for my skin. Having been blessed in my early teen years with admirably smooth and clear skin, I guess it's time I served my "acne time" it's only fair.
This product is truly all that they say it is, a wonder product worthy of the spotlight. I do wonder if on second, and future uses if it will be less effective, but having seen the results the first time around, I think I can say that it will do the same again (I hope!).
I highly recommend this product if like me, you have skin that gets nasty breakouts, or little acne bumps, it's well worth your time.
Will you be trying this wonder product?
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