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Looking back at my music theme posts, I suddenly realise, how much I feel like I've lost myself, and my bubbly, outgoing (or moreso) personality, and I feel like screaming at myself for allowing it to happen again.
Having broken down today and admitting I missed my friends like crazy, those at uni, those still at college, and that uni isn't as amazing as we're all spoonfed in school and college because of living at home and commuting, I can't help but feel like I don't experience it properly. But that's okay. I just have to survive. I just want a decent degree, and then I can say "I overcame the odds" and that is what I dream of.
So, this post is to wake me up. Wake me up, and find myself again. I think I've found myself to be the sort of person who after they lose love loses themselves, which is a terrible person to be. It's now more than ever that I need to revive, and you do too. It's a fresh start, it's time to commit to YOU. And I've put together the perfect musical post to help you find yourself again.
Yes, one of my own photos of Gu for good measure.
This is Music For The Soul Part VI.
Firstly, allow your ears to savour this:
Upular - Pogo.
Pogo is a miracle. His work is so different, so amazing. He takes Disney and Pixar movies and remixes them with a great beat to create musical pieces designed to pleasure your senses. Too far? Okay, maybe, but you won't regret putting this on your playlist.
Secondly, the saying "Old But Gold" applies here. If you never used to like this, well, you probably still don't. It's a marmite song, and I personally cannot get enough of it. Provocative, sexy men (mainly the dark haired guy) and a beat to kill. Thrill, I mean thrill. *awkward cough*
3OH!3 - Starstrukk.
As I said, these raunchy guys are quality listening for your ears. Katy Perry lends her voice to the song too, and it makes it the perfect collaboration.
The ultimate downtime song:
Petit Biscuit - Alone.
I will admit, this is so strangely hypnotic that it may make you cry, or lie down and comtemplate the meaning of life, but it is beautiful in a profound and unique way. Every time I hear it, I feel like it really reaches into me and touches my soul like scattered light, it's far reaching and powerful, but also strangely poetic. Take a listen, fathom what you desire from it, but I can guarantee it'll calm you beyond imagination.
Another 3OH!3 track now, but I think it's one that if you enjoyed Starstrukk would also like.
3OH!3 - You're Gonna Love This.
Obviously they knew you'd love this by naming it so appropriately. It's one for working out, or just generally giving you a boost. Plus, see if you can spot the little guy in sunnies at the end who looks like Brian Cox (from the astrology programs on the BBC) I guffawed out loud the first time I saw him.
So my fifth choice has an annoying beyond comparison intro, so just ignore it or at least turn your headphones, because you may drop your tea if it gets you off-guard up loud.
Flo Rida - GDFR.

The perfect song for shaking it to before you go out for drinks, this will get you in the mood for owning the dancefloor. Enjoy, and drink responsibly, no-one wants to see you drunkenly taking down a pole.
And lastly, my sixth choice, rather appropriately to end this post:
Mr. Probz - Nothing Really Matters (Boehm Remix)
"He's okay, and I'm alright, he's awake, I'm up all night, nothing really matters, nothing really matters see his face, seize the day when he's nearby."
I can't really explain this one. It just touches my soul whenever I revisit it. It was a song I adored back in the Summer and sort of forgot about, and have finally discovered. Missing things how they were before, this song helps. Trust me. It helps. Time, healing and good music will heal your soul.

"I know what it feels like."
I guess you'll meet me again someday, in another world, in another life.
All my love,
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