Monday, 25 January 2016


 I have lusted from a distance after the beautiful MAC's (Rather appropriately named) 'Irresistably Charming' Magic of the Night Holiday collection pigments since they came out around Christmas, and whilst my heart told me 'Yes', my bank told me 'No'.
I decided to indulge my lusting, and found them on Depop, (see, I told you that you can get something great on occasion!) and I received them today. I shall just say that I purchased these BRAND NEW and UNUSED. The seller, @rosiegra is a wonderful, accommodating seller, something that I have to say is becoming harder and harder to come across on Depop, and I managed to purchase these for retail price (£25.00), yet again something else unusual, due to the fact that most LE collections on Depop in terms of makeup get marked up at a horrifying rate, even if it's used!Some used makeup is advertised as being even more than retail price, which I can just say, absolutely disgusts me personally. Yes, I know they're LE, (Limited Edition), and won't ever be released, but again, if it's used, I wont ever touch it! If it's unused and brand new then I might consider it's worth to me, and if it's worthy enough, I'll pay very slightly over retail.
Just look at that packaging, with the brilliant blue mirrored elements to it, it truly is hard to not love this. The black case is "nothing special" and in my personal opinion would have looked a lot more beautiful had it been a plain, glossy black box, rather than this matte black ridged job.
However, that aside, these pigments are the pigments of dreams. I bought myself MAC's White pigment just after Christmas with some money I got for Christmas, and became an instant pigment convert. The beautiful 'blendability' of these eyeshadow powders (which is what they are, in case you aren't sure what a pigment is! My mum certainly wasn't, when I presented them to her in excitement and she looked confused and said "What are they for? Eyes, nails?") is absolutely remarkable. So smooth, it glides on over lids with ease and precision.
Upon opening the case, one is rather taken aback (or at least I was!) at seeing the shades inside.
The champagne, rose gold, glistening chocolate brown and deep coppery bronze shades are eye grabbing and stand out from other pigments I've seen on the market.
Having wanted the copper shade titled "Reflects Bronze" (titled a Glitter vs a Pigment), similar to "Copper Sparkle", for months, this one shade in the box swayed me over to purchasing this set.

Taken directly from MAC's site, I found this image showing the names (albeit not entirely correct) and "swatches", as I have yet to swatch them (I'm oogling them willingly, but putting off spoiling their beautiful pristine look!)
  The most beautiful shades are definitely "Reflects Bronze" and "Blonde's Gold" in my mind.
Two of the shades, "Naked" and "Blonde's Gold" are ordinarily available on MAC's website in ordinary pigment packaging, so if either (or both) of those pigments take your fancy, it's good news for you as they're easily available and not limited shades, (although the pretty packaging is!).

"Out All Night"
"Blonde's Gold"

"Reflects Bronze"
All in all, I have to say that this small box of goodness, is almost that, but better: MAGNICIFENT and extremely magical to look at, and knowing the quality of Mac's pigments already, I am beyond excited to create a makeup look with these magical little pigments (and glitter) tonight!
Will you be trying MAC pigments? Or have you already tried them? What did you think? Leave your comments in the comment box below!
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