Wednesday, 6 January 2016


So I woke up and decided I wanted to take some blog post photos, only to find my camera doesn't "focus properly" through the viewfinder and it' all blurry with two lines diagonal to each other where they shouldn't be. I think I've got a broken sensor, and I don't know how it has happened. Having spoken to Nikon, it's going to cost a min of £140 to fix. I want to scream right now. And cry. That camera was my 18th birthday present and somehow it has gotten broken (and I'm the only one who has used it so I am clearly to blame). I can get another model body (no extras nor lens included as my lens isn't broken) for roughly £290 new or £130 used, so I really don't know what to do. I guess it's not just the money that bothers me (especially when I don't have that kind of money spare) but also the sentiment. This camera has photographed some of the most precious moments in the past few years and I will be really upset if I have to just scrap it. I couldn't scrap it.
It still takes crisp images, but you can't tell if it's in focus through the viewfinder. It's as if the finder internally is too far away, and the dioptre does nothing, so either a broken sensor, viewfinder or dioptre, or all three.
I am genuinely fuming.

I'm just going to go and bang my head against a brick wall, please excuse me.
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