Friday, 29 January 2016


I know, I know, I know, I don't "workout", and I'm not into fitness, unless you call fitness whole pizza into my mouth "fitness". Okay, terrible, lame pun I know.
I have decided that I need to be more comfortable with myself, and can only do this if I shift some stubborn tummy fat, and work this doublé chin off. 

I decided that as motivation, I'd buy myself some "pretty" workout gear whilst Missguided had a sale on, plus 25% student discount ON TOP of the sale, (the perfect opportunity to grab an absolute steal, to help you get abs of steel! OKAY OKAY ENOUGH PUNS)

They arrived on Wednesday morning, and my immediate thought was how lovely the items I ordered looked. The active bra unfortunately was a complete disappointment. It clearly wasn't designed for ladies of a larger bust, as there was little padding, it offered no more support than going braless and the straps were not adjustable. However, upon posting a brief review on my Instagram, Missguided noticed and DM'ed me, and offered me a free return and full refund, as well as accepting my feedback which they would pass onto the designers (all in all, quite a good result!) 

The top, which matches the bra is GORGEOUS. Again, flawed for ladies of a bigger bust though, it has a line going all the way across it where boobs are "expected" to end/cut off. Awks for us ladies with a bit of extra padding.... (Overshare, but TRUE) If the designers remove the line of stitching where the internal padding is, or lower it, you'd have yourself a product perfect for all ladies of all shapes and sizes. I would also say that the arm holes could do with being cut a little higher, as it reveals a bit too much boob under the arm, hence why I've got a cardigan done up around me whilst I am expecting the good looking postman to turn up at any minute so he doesn't see half of my under arm boobage...

The trousers, however, are ideal. I chose a size 12, and they're perfect. They're a very comfortable fit on me. I ensured I picked 3/4 length active trousers as I am a 28" leg, and therefore most "regular" cut trousers and jeans swamp my little legs. 

Just a crud quality iPhone image to show what the outfit looks like on (minus the bra!):

Having discovered YouTube sensation +blogilates last year, I fell in love with the simplicity of her workouts, and uncomplicated, easy to follow routines. I've started the 2016 Abs Workout today, and will continue to endeavour with it as much as I can. It's hardcore, and the "Corkscrew" move really tested me personally, but I did enjoy the feeling I got of feeling internal abs I never knew I had crunch and burn. I will say however, you can't expect to go from no exercise to completing this full routine overnight so PACE YO'SELF. Do as much as you can before your body says "Stop, no more".  Don't not push yourself, but don't overdo it is what I'm getting at.

2016 Ab Workout

So, have I convinced you to ditch the sofa and turn up the heat?

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Thursday, 28 January 2016


So as a lover of all things colourful and bright, (and also a massive fan of nude lips!), I decided to look around the market at highly acclaimed lip products (not glosses because I HATE gloss!), and found myself pondering the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick range.
I fell in love with several colours, but unfortunately, only a select range of colours is easily available within the UK now, and getting them for retail price is proving more challenging!

I ended up choosing "Blow Pony" and "Celebrity Skin".  

 "Celebrity Skin" is the beige colour, and "Blow Pony" (what a weird name!) is the lilac colour. All the liquid lipsticks in the range have a beautiful matte finish, which is what drew me to them. 
On first thoughts, the packaging is really cute, both came in individual pink boxes with stars on them, and the actual lipstick appears to be in a high quality acrylic tube with a doe foot applicator.
Upon applying the product, I was a little disconcerted by the smell of these lipsticks. The smell strongly resembled menthol, which was highly off-putting for me, like some medicinal something or other we're given as kids, but once I got past the smell, the application was lovely and smooth. 
The colour pay off is incredible, and you'll be pleased to know that Jeffree Star's cosmetics are all CRUELTY FREE and VEGAN, meaning no animals are harmed or used in the making of the products, which is something I've been thinking about more and more lately.
The formula is perfect. and I'd have to say, apart from the initial scent, (which disappears once applied) I have no quarry with this product. Everything is perfect, and I would highly recommend them. I'm sure to be buying more colours!
Will you be trying the Velour Liquid Lipsticks?

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016


He doesn't love you anymore, you missed your chance at a huge job opportunity because you fluffed the interview, you broke a family heirloom, you made a mistake that you shouldn't have made, be it the first time, or the second, or maybe even the third.... Any of these sound familiar? No? Maybe you don't need this post, but if you related to one or more of the points, then this post is for you my friend.
Listen to me, you are wonderful. You are a unique, magical human being capable of amazing things, don't quit on you. What I'm saying is, don't feel resentful of what you cannot change, you may not literally have magic in the ends of your fingers, but what you do have is a presence, and a being, that you and only you alone can use to make the world a better place.
You can't cast a spell on him to make him love you again (so feel grateful you even knew his love to begin with!), you cannot go back and do that interview a second time, so take what you learnt this time, and see where you went wrong this time to ensure that next time, you are unstoppable. And that mistake you made? Ensure that this time, you don't make it again. Note in your head where you went wrong, and use it to teach you to avoid making the same mistake again.
For me, I've made plenty of mistakes in my life, and I will say honestly that all of these scenarios apply to me, except the job interview one! And yes, honestly, I've kicked myself plenty of times for making errors, but that's where you need to realise the difference between a simple light dismay at your mistake, or a deep resentment of the past. You can't go back and change said event.
So what I'm saying is, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and take another deep breath. This time, on the exhale, visualise all of the mistakes, or problems you have had escaping your lungs and being expelled into nothing but dust before your very eyes. Magical star dust if you like. Just visualise letting it go. It sounds mad I know, but from trying relaxation therapies myself from simple apps to more in depth books, I can tell you that it does work.
Just let go. Relax. Smile. You're magic.
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Monday, 25 January 2016


 I have lusted from a distance after the beautiful MAC's (Rather appropriately named) 'Irresistably Charming' Magic of the Night Holiday collection pigments since they came out around Christmas, and whilst my heart told me 'Yes', my bank told me 'No'.
I decided to indulge my lusting, and found them on Depop, (see, I told you that you can get something great on occasion!) and I received them today. I shall just say that I purchased these BRAND NEW and UNUSED. The seller, @rosiegra is a wonderful, accommodating seller, something that I have to say is becoming harder and harder to come across on Depop, and I managed to purchase these for retail price (£25.00), yet again something else unusual, due to the fact that most LE collections on Depop in terms of makeup get marked up at a horrifying rate, even if it's used!Some used makeup is advertised as being even more than retail price, which I can just say, absolutely disgusts me personally. Yes, I know they're LE, (Limited Edition), and won't ever be released, but again, if it's used, I wont ever touch it! If it's unused and brand new then I might consider it's worth to me, and if it's worthy enough, I'll pay very slightly over retail.
Just look at that packaging, with the brilliant blue mirrored elements to it, it truly is hard to not love this. The black case is "nothing special" and in my personal opinion would have looked a lot more beautiful had it been a plain, glossy black box, rather than this matte black ridged job.
However, that aside, these pigments are the pigments of dreams. I bought myself MAC's White pigment just after Christmas with some money I got for Christmas, and became an instant pigment convert. The beautiful 'blendability' of these eyeshadow powders (which is what they are, in case you aren't sure what a pigment is! My mum certainly wasn't, when I presented them to her in excitement and she looked confused and said "What are they for? Eyes, nails?") is absolutely remarkable. So smooth, it glides on over lids with ease and precision.
Upon opening the case, one is rather taken aback (or at least I was!) at seeing the shades inside.
The champagne, rose gold, glistening chocolate brown and deep coppery bronze shades are eye grabbing and stand out from other pigments I've seen on the market.
Having wanted the copper shade titled "Reflects Bronze" (titled a Glitter vs a Pigment), similar to "Copper Sparkle", for months, this one shade in the box swayed me over to purchasing this set.

Taken directly from MAC's site, I found this image showing the names (albeit not entirely correct) and "swatches", as I have yet to swatch them (I'm oogling them willingly, but putting off spoiling their beautiful pristine look!)
  The most beautiful shades are definitely "Reflects Bronze" and "Blonde's Gold" in my mind.
Two of the shades, "Naked" and "Blonde's Gold" are ordinarily available on MAC's website in ordinary pigment packaging, so if either (or both) of those pigments take your fancy, it's good news for you as they're easily available and not limited shades, (although the pretty packaging is!).

"Out All Night"
"Blonde's Gold"

"Reflects Bronze"
All in all, I have to say that this small box of goodness, is almost that, but better: MAGNICIFENT and extremely magical to look at, and knowing the quality of Mac's pigments already, I am beyond excited to create a makeup look with these magical little pigments (and glitter) tonight!
Will you be trying MAC pigments? Or have you already tried them? What did you think? Leave your comments in the comment box below!
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Sunday, 24 January 2016


For two long years, I've debated purchasing an Origins face mask, wondering if they really are all they're said to be. At first, my head was turned by the Origins Clear Improvement face mask, but in recent months, having seen several people raving about a different face mask by Origins, I thought it was time for me to splash the cash and invest in this so called "skin saviour".
I picked up the Origins "Out Of Trouble" mask, and immediately noticed the simplicity of the packaging, bright white with their traditional green coloured writing, and couldn't help but appreciate how clean and presentable it looked.
I was sceptical of trying this product; half of me was wild with excitement: "Could this be the ONE? The one that clears my skin up?" Having been through many products claiming to help skin problems, and acne that all fell far too short of that claim when tested made me feel extremely nervous about spending my money on such a product. By far the most expensive piece of skincare that I own, it certainly wasn't something I snatched up the instant I heard about it. I waited two whole years learning about the brand before I jumped in!
I decided two nights ago that I needed to try this as I felt a spot coming through on my cheek (unusual to say the least, I very, very rarely get them there!) So whilst watching "Cloud Atlas" with my mum (who isn't entirely taken with it, but like me finds it overwhelming and confusing in equal measure!) I decided to apply it.
Applying to clean, dry skin, I used my finger tips to sweep a thin layer of about two pea sized spheres onto my skin, and all over my face, taking extra care to ensure the sides of my nose and "problem areas" were suitable drenched. The consistency of the product isn't thin at all, it's a very luxurious thick consistency, like freshly whipped whipping cream, it's stiff and yet has a mild fluidity to it, which when carefully smoothed over the skin, feels refreshing and smooth. Truly, a luxury product in feel, but what about the results?
Well, for the first time using this product, I was and am still amazed by the results. After carefully washing away the product with my hands (as opposed to the recommended wet wash cloth) my facial skin was revealed, with cleaner, smaller, more healed looking acne "wounds". Having had nasty open sores on my forehead since a facial on the 9th of January (which I really regretted having!), this product finally gave the wounds some "closure" and helped to boost the healing of them. The spot that was coming through on my cheek is long since gone, and my skin looked and felt radiant. Soft and supple, and overall astoundingly clear for my skin. Having been blessed in my early teen years with admirably smooth and clear skin, I guess it's time I served my "acne time" it's only fair.
This product is truly all that they say it is, a wonder product worthy of the spotlight. I do wonder if on second, and future uses if it will be less effective, but having seen the results the first time around, I think I can say that it will do the same again (I hope!).
I highly recommend this product if like me, you have skin that gets nasty breakouts, or little acne bumps, it's well worth your time.
Will you be trying this wonder product?
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Saturday, 23 January 2016


So I think it has finally happened ladies and gentlemen. I have found the 99.9% perfect foundation for me, and its companion primer.
As I have spoken about in many videos over on my YouTube channel, I was using the L'Oréal Paris Infallible 24hr Matte Foundation and was absolutely loving it. Unfortunately, as Winter set in and my skin lost it's pretty sunkissed glow and instead turned to my pale porcelain white complexion (which I will just say I don't enjoy having, I'd rather be tanned any day!) my foundation was looking more and more muddy coloured against my pale skin tone. So, once again, the Winter hunt began for a new foundation.
That's where the L'Oréal Paris Infallible 24hr Foundation comes in. Available in far more shades than its matte sister, this foundation is far more welcoming to all skin tones. It's a lovely coverage, lighter than the matte foundation unfortunately, but that's where the mattifying primer comes into play. 
Without the primer, the foundation is less coverage than it's sister (the matte version), however, the pair combined makes for almost as good a result as just the matte foundation alone. The primer keeps the foundation in place for several hours without needing much attention and general tidy ups.
Now, back to the foundation:
The foundation itself as I said comes in a large variety of colours for all skin tones, and is quite blendable. Using fingers to apply the foundation applies it nicely, but using a brush also applies it fairly evenly, however the use of a beauty blender around the problematic areas and crease areas (like the sides of the nose, and under the eyes) to gently dab and smooth out the foundation greatly helps if you go for the brush option (which I personally find gives a much more flawless finish as opposed to using fingers, which I don't like!) 

The shade I use is 015 porcelain, (I think this is the palest colour that they offer) but with a soft light bronzer used to contour, this foundation comes alive, and the whole look pulls together beautifully.
The retail price for the foundation is £9.99 (£2 more than the matte version) and the primer is a very reasonable £7.99. Whilst I do prefer the warmth of the matte foundation, and the coverage is ever so slightly higher, this foundation is perfect for a necessary Winter switch up. However, we can all hope that L'Oréal realises their Matte range could do with a few new shades added, then we could all use the matte foundation all year round!
Despite the few small issues that I've mentioned, this really is a great foundation, and together, a magnificent duo, and is worth every penny. 
Will you be giving this base perfecting duo a try?

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Friday, 22 January 2016


So I haven't done much in the way of fashion posts recently and it's mostly because it's so cold outside, but several other issues like body hating at this time of year are also factors.
But I just wanted to show what I wear on a day to day basis. In comparison to this time last year, I'm living in ultra black, ultra skinny jeans and long sleeved tops as opposed to dresses, cardigans and tights that I wore last year.
It's a little dull and lack lustre perhaps, but I'm comfortable, and warm, and at this time of year, I'm not about to run about in fancy, but freezing outfits. I let the simplicity of my outfits talk, and the smaller elegant features of my accessories hold the limelight. I also make sure that if I wear so simple, that my makeup must be extra special. I have been favouring Urban Decay Naked 3 Nooner or Limit (depending on the day and how dark I want the base colour to be) under Mac's Cranberry Frost eyeshadow with Mac's White pigment in the inner corners. It's been helping me to feel at my best.
Poncho/Blanket/Cape: Marks & Spencer *Was gifted to me for Christmas by my neighbour*
Polo Neck: Boohoo Petite
Ripped Knee Jeans: ASOS
Boots: Vagabond (as always, although I have just repurchased them, so the new crease free ones will feature soon!)
Garnet Love Spell Ring: Rose Garden Waterfall
Cardigan: Marks & Spencer 
Earrings: Primark (as always!)

Leather bag: ASOS
Pom Pom Accesssory: New Look

As can be seen, I've kept all elements of this outfit simple. And yes, one could interpret it as 'bland' or 'lack lustre' as I said, but in reality, I'm not a model, I'm just a twenty one year old young woman from the UK trying to keep warm in Winter, and I'm not trying to look like perfection. These images also make me realise I need to cover over my dip dye with brown again, because the brown dye I used has faded out completely now. 
I hope you enjoyed seeing my basic OOTD, remember to leave a comment if you'd like to have a chat, or find me on my social media links!
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Wednesday, 20 January 2016


So today in the post I received a beautiful ring from Chloe at Rose Garden Waterfall, I shall just clarify that I paid for it out of my own money and that all opinions are my own.
I had found Chloe's store through Depop, a buying and selling app that I frequent for things unusual, beautiful, or just things that take my fancy. I have said this recently in either a video or a blog post, but I do feel that Depop has gone a bit down-hill recently with people asking ridiculous prices, and used makeup being offered for premium 'new' prices (in my opinion selling used makeup is really gross *sorry but that's my opinion*, you don't know if that eye-shadow has been on the lids of someone with an eye infection, and you certainly don't know if that Mac lipstick has come into contact with a cold sore! Not to mention other yucky things, ew!) But that aside, there is an occasional good bargain to be had (if you can find it).
But for the unusual, hand crafted pieces, Depop is a great platform.
So I found Chloe's store through Depop, and had been lusting over her listings which advertised her site online. I decided to take a look and fell madly in love with just about every ring on there! In the end, on boxing day, I put in an order for a Garnet Love Spell Ring, and around the 6th of January ordered a Labradorite Aurora Borealis ring.

Today I received the Garnet Love Spell ring (after Hermes decided to deliver it elsewhere, through no fault of Chloe!) and it is absolutely majestic!
This stunning ring is usually sold in Chloe's store for £25.00, but Rose Garden Waterfall was having a Christmas discount event, so I managed to get a hefty 50% discount and got it for only £12.50, plus £5.00 delivery.
The packaging used was beautiful, a snowflake printed piece of tissue paper, and inside, a white see through pouch containing white "snow", (white glittery powder) and inside that was the ring.
The ring itself is beautifully intricate and well made, my only thought that isn't positive, (but not entirely negative) is that the back of the ring where it is welded is very tiny, and the back of the heart is entirely flat, sterling silver metal, making it appear slightly less expensive. However, this isn't at all visible when the ring is worn as is shown, so really, it's more likely me obsessing rather than a design flaw.
The Garnet used for the ring is beautiful, with an unusually beautiful clarity, cut and colour, and it's truly magical.
I haven't received the Labradorite ring yet, (which I'm not surprised, the store was very busy after the Christmas and New Year period shipping out all the orders!) But I'll happily show that one here too when I do receive it.
As for the seller, Chloe has been magnificent. The ring initially went to the wrong house and for a few days we emailed back and forth about the fact it was missing, and she contacted the courier to find out what was going on (Hermes were not helpful, but I cannot fault Chloe for trying and for her persistence in the matter, even on a Sunday when she doesn't work!)
Overall, the experience buying from Chloe was a very positive one, and I can't wait to get the Labradorite ring. I shall also happily order an Opal ring when one takes my fancy, as the second Enchanted Winter line drops in store in February (and I cannot wait to see the rings, in case you couldn't tell, rings are my jewellery of choice!)
Love and Light,
(writer of thegirlcriedfashion)
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Tuesday, 19 January 2016



Life teaches us many things, and one of the most important, is that letting go is an important process we must undertake many times in our lives.

I've been filming lots of new videos for my channel recently, and I'll be starting to upload as normal again on Sunday.

All My Love,
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Friday, 8 January 2016


Looking back at my music theme posts, I suddenly realise, how much I feel like I've lost myself, and my bubbly, outgoing (or moreso) personality, and I feel like screaming at myself for allowing it to happen again.
Having broken down today and admitting I missed my friends like crazy, those at uni, those still at college, and that uni isn't as amazing as we're all spoonfed in school and college because of living at home and commuting, I can't help but feel like I don't experience it properly. But that's okay. I just have to survive. I just want a decent degree, and then I can say "I overcame the odds" and that is what I dream of.
So, this post is to wake me up. Wake me up, and find myself again. I think I've found myself to be the sort of person who after they lose love loses themselves, which is a terrible person to be. It's now more than ever that I need to revive, and you do too. It's a fresh start, it's time to commit to YOU. And I've put together the perfect musical post to help you find yourself again.
Yes, one of my own photos of Gu for good measure.
This is Music For The Soul Part VI.
Firstly, allow your ears to savour this:
Upular - Pogo.
Pogo is a miracle. His work is so different, so amazing. He takes Disney and Pixar movies and remixes them with a great beat to create musical pieces designed to pleasure your senses. Too far? Okay, maybe, but you won't regret putting this on your playlist.
Secondly, the saying "Old But Gold" applies here. If you never used to like this, well, you probably still don't. It's a marmite song, and I personally cannot get enough of it. Provocative, sexy men (mainly the dark haired guy) and a beat to kill. Thrill, I mean thrill. *awkward cough*
3OH!3 - Starstrukk.
As I said, these raunchy guys are quality listening for your ears. Katy Perry lends her voice to the song too, and it makes it the perfect collaboration.
The ultimate downtime song:
Petit Biscuit - Alone.
I will admit, this is so strangely hypnotic that it may make you cry, or lie down and comtemplate the meaning of life, but it is beautiful in a profound and unique way. Every time I hear it, I feel like it really reaches into me and touches my soul like scattered light, it's far reaching and powerful, but also strangely poetic. Take a listen, fathom what you desire from it, but I can guarantee it'll calm you beyond imagination.
Another 3OH!3 track now, but I think it's one that if you enjoyed Starstrukk would also like.
3OH!3 - You're Gonna Love This.
Obviously they knew you'd love this by naming it so appropriately. It's one for working out, or just generally giving you a boost. Plus, see if you can spot the little guy in sunnies at the end who looks like Brian Cox (from the astrology programs on the BBC) I guffawed out loud the first time I saw him.
So my fifth choice has an annoying beyond comparison intro, so just ignore it or at least turn your headphones, because you may drop your tea if it gets you off-guard up loud.
Flo Rida - GDFR.

The perfect song for shaking it to before you go out for drinks, this will get you in the mood for owning the dancefloor. Enjoy, and drink responsibly, no-one wants to see you drunkenly taking down a pole.
And lastly, my sixth choice, rather appropriately to end this post:
Mr. Probz - Nothing Really Matters (Boehm Remix)
"He's okay, and I'm alright, he's awake, I'm up all night, nothing really matters, nothing really matters see his face, seize the day when he's nearby."
I can't really explain this one. It just touches my soul whenever I revisit it. It was a song I adored back in the Summer and sort of forgot about, and have finally discovered. Missing things how they were before, this song helps. Trust me. It helps. Time, healing and good music will heal your soul.

"I know what it feels like."
I guess you'll meet me again someday, in another world, in another life.
All my love,
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