Saturday, 12 December 2015


This weekend I'm working on my second assignments for my two modules at university (coursework that counts towards our degree) I've finished the fiction piece of 2,000 words, but still need to write a 1,000 word critical reflection for it, and that's assignment 2 done for one module, and I'm currently trying to tackle assignment 2 for the other module, which is answering an essay question on Hamlet and The Tempest. It's nothing "confusing" for me, I've always felt naturally literate when it comes to Shakespeare's works, but I don't enjoy formulating essay responses, and it is something that I quite struggle with.
Ah well, I'll hopefully figure this whole "university" thing out sooner or later.
I've lit the fire today and because it's so gusty, the smoke keeps filling the room and IT STINKS! I've got the window open but my goodness it smells horrid. :(
Oh well.
I should probably get on with things, its just a shame I feel so uninspired, tired and have a stomach ache today. I can't stop feeling constantly tired. I wish tablets that could purge your mind of tiredness existed, and wiped out all mental heaviness and tiredness. I'm sick (and tired) of my mind feeling constantly tired. It's lesser when I'm happier, but when I'm at my worst, rawest state, it's like death itself.
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