Wednesday, 7 October 2015


And as I said many months ago, once Summer has shed her warming cloak, and Summer turns to Autumn leaves, I too shall shed my ways, and revert to who I was before.

Welcome Autumn. Oh how I've missed you. October 2014 taught me many things. I took many memorable blog photos and OOTDs, looking back at them is somehow comforting, to be able to reminisce about all that was happening in my life back then.

Well, what can I associate this time next year with October 2015? I've moved on with my life. I found something not many are able to find in this day and age, and that is inner peace. I've realized by now at this age what makes me truly happy, and what is just a façade. I can recognize the good in people, and unfortunately, also the bad. I see things with new eyes everyday (even if my sight is quite blurry without the aid of some form of lenses to help magnify it all, and bring it to me in crystal clear resolution).

Autumn brings the gentle colder breeze with the sunshine still beating down, the falling golden leaves, the start to lighting fires, and the scents that make your heart swoon with appreciation. Autumn is the time that you remember fondly throughout the year, and somehow, when you're older, appreciate all the more.
So to encapsulate all my feelings about Autumn, I have created an Autumn GRWM on my channel on YouTube, and it'd mean the world to me if you took a look at it, liked and subscribed. You know the drill by now, just click the photo below to be taken to it. So much time and love has gone into this particular project, I hope you all love it.

Love & Light,
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