Saturday, 5 September 2015


Let's face it:

Love isn't simple. It never is.

However, being single, is the new power endower. You have the power to politely accept or decline future investments in terms of love, and yet, you still remain dignified, and keep all sanity at the same time, it's a win win situation.

Don't misunderstand me, being in a relationship is renewing, you find a whole new you that you didn't even know was within you, and you get to share your time with the love of your life whom compliments you, (and you them) beautifully and fittingly.

Being single was considered a terrible thing only a matter of years ago for women. Men have always had the gorgeous stereotyping of 'eligible bachelor' and all round available hunk who is free to do as he pleases, but us ladies on the other hand, gain stereotypes fit only for disposal, all you need do is Google 'single woman' to see the hideous and degrading synonyms attached with our illustrious, care free natures:

Old maid, hag, and spinster are a few.

Even when there are slightly less dehumanising terms, they're only the female equivalent of their male counterparts:


Why can't the modern, single woman of the Information Age be classed as simply:

Free, Elegant and Sophisticated?

Why must single women be forever doomed to wear a placard around their neck making out they're old, unattractive, unwanted and begrudging, when simply, we are young, we are wild, we are free to do, to be, and to choose what we want, and who we want. It isn't that the single women of the Information Age aren't inundated with date requests! Don't get me wrong, we are, frequently asked out, but some of us, are too busy, too detached, or simply just continuing to search for self completion, rather than the elitist idea of completion via another human being, be it of the same sex, or opposing sex, to feel validated?

Either way, we go about our lives, we do as we please, and we gain recognition in our own individual way.

Isn't that one of life's simple pleasures?

To simply live, and be free.

Perhaps this has left you pondering, maybe my next instalment can shed more light on the matter.

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