Wednesday, 30 September 2015


For the past 3 years, I've swooned after almost every Marc Jacobs fragrance I've seen, admiring their beautiful little bottles, the detail on them, and the marvellous scents within, wishing that one day, I'll be able to own all the ones my heart fancies.

Well, this week, I finally got another Marc Jacobs fragrance that I've been wanting for the past three years. It's gone on every Christmas and birthday list for the past three years, along with it's partner Dot, (which I was bought for my 20th birthday this past January and I adore) and finally, I've bought myself Honey.

Honey is quite a hard fragrance to describe. It's unlike any other perfume I've ever smelt really. It isn't at the forefront of my collection, it certainly isn't my favourite, but it is one of those scents you do enjoy on very specific occasions.
Since I couldn't fully explain this perfume myself, I've taken the extract from Boots online, where they've described the fragrance:
"Honey by Marc Jacobs is a sunny delicious floral - energetic and alluring, with a sparkling, golden touch. The perfect mix of brightness and warmth.
The fragrance energizes with the freshness of green pear brightened with a splash of fruity punch and juicy mandarin. At the heart of the fragrance is orange blossom, a note of sparkling femininity that mingles with nectars of honeysuckle and peach. Honey, vanilla and smooth woods dry down to a warm, golden base."

I can certainly smell the honeysuckle with a woody undertone, but I must admit, I can't smell all the other scents, and I do have a very good sense of smell. The warm, golden base is accurate though - it's extremely strong, and this is a good thing, because it's counterpart Dot, is a delicate, softer scent for days when you want to be airy and delightfully light.

Personally, I think all 'good quality' perfumes carry that designer price tag, afterall, you are paying not only for a trust worthy brand, but you're also paying for a long term investment. I personally chose the 100ml bottle, which retails for £67.50 in most retailers. I however got mine for £35, from a very reputable retailer, (the reason it was that much cheaper is because there is a lot of competition on the site I used, it's not fake, it is 100% genuine, BNIB never opened, all still stealed, from a retailer, not a second hand seller I will just clarify, before everyone kicks off that I bought a fake, or a second hand bottle, because I didn't!)
So overall, I highly recommend this beautiful perfume, and would definitely say, if you've been holding off on purchasing something, you should probably do it, if you've loved it for a long time, and really wanted it for a long time.

Best Wishes,
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