Saturday, 11 July 2015


So, I figured I needed one big FASHION ROUNDUP! Some of the things posted here are unseen photos from original photoshoots that never made the final cut, or didn't get used, and some you have definitely seen before!

I wanted to showcase some of my favourite looks that I've created here on my blog since I started, as a way to get back into the fashion spirit. I've decided to keep less diary type entries on here, and go back to what I intended this blog to be. If you want/enjoy more personal stuff, you can check out my Twitter, which is a crosssover of my blog and personal, and gives you your daily fix of typical Samantha, cats and memes.

However, thegirlcriedfashion is back to fashion.

These are some of my favourite looks, I hope you liked them. Which are your favourites? Mine are probably the orange dress, and the vibes from the top left photo. 

I also wanted to let you know that I have officially deactivated thegirlcriedbeauty, because it is something I've come to learn, that I don't have enough interest in to pursue, so whilst it still exists, it is private, and only open to myself, until I decide whether to permanently delete it or not, so it has been archived for now.

Another Love - Tom Odell (Zwette Tropical House Edit)

Love and Magic,
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