Wednesday, 1 July 2015


So I've posted many beautiful songs and pieces of music in the time that I've had this blog. 

Funnily, this blog has been such a massive part of my life, I've used it to celebrate, commiserate, fail, and succeed.
Today, I've been recollecting some old musical favourites whilst I've been sanding down the garden shed .

So yes, shed sanding has been done, ready to be painted tomorrow, when mum has got the equipment out of the shed, because I refuse to go in there after I know there is a massive spider in there. I'm not scared of a lot, but girly me, doesn't like spiders (THANK YOU GRANDMA FOR THIS RIDICULOUS PHOBIA! Kidding, still love you)

So, onto the music,

Don't Matter - Akon.

This is a weird one to explain. I used to have an XBOX 360. I had a game called Lips on it, which was a Karaoke game, with two microphones, and this was one of the songs that I loved singing, it meant nothing to me at the time, I just really liked the song. The flow is beautiful, and it reminds me of my times in Barbados. Some of the lyrics are a bit unfortunate like:

"And never talk to me no more
You don't even have to call
Even check for me at all

                                                  Because the way I been actin' lately

                                                             Has been off the wall

                                                           Especially towards you

                                                           Puttin' girls before you

                                           And they watchin' everything I been doin'
Just to hurt you"

Because, let's be honest, deliberately behaving like this isn't really a great thing to do. Other than those unfortunate lyrics that I don't like in the song, the rest is pretty beautiful. Although it wouldn't be an Akon song without those lyrics because he has to put the 'badass' into everything. *facepalm*

Another song I've been loving is:

Rather Be - Clean Bandit.
This, to me, is forever and always, one of my favourite love songs. Well, it's sort of a love song. It's just amazing, whatever it's classified as. I really love it either way.

And lastly because, well, JUST BECAUSE!

Forever - Chris Brown.
I can't stand Chris Brown. Annoying, disrespectful, just everything I can't stand. However, this song is gorgeous, and the wedding where the couple and their wedding party dance into the church??!! Serious love for it, right there! So gorgeous, and the lyrics are just beautiful.

Hopefully next month I'm getting the infinity symbol tattooed onto my wrist. It won't be bigger than a ten pence piece, nor shaded, just a black outline, but it means a lot to me, (As you all know why and I'm not going to bore you by repeating!)
Hope you like the selection of uplifting, slightly garish, nostalgic music (Rather be isn't in this category, it's perfection!) *listens for whispers about Rather Be* It's perfect, shhh!

Always & Forever.
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