Monday, 13 July 2015


I know I said I'd be keeping this to fashion, but I also want to incorporate music into this blog too, because the posts always seem to be enjoyed according to my statistics, and I enjoy writing them, and sharing my favourite music with you all. I've found some more beautiful Tropical House remixes lately, that I have been really enjoying, and some music that isn't Tropical House, but by artists I already liked. 

The first is:

Akon - Right Now (Tropical House Remix)

Wow. This is so beautiful. Like 'Don't Matter', this is such a powerful, deep song, and the lyrics are beautiful. If you have any regrets to do with friendship, love, family, or you feel like you've hurt someone recently, this is such a good song, its lyrics are really meaningful. I've been feeling so down this past week, so this has been really good for helping me to feel a bit higher spirited. 

"I wanna make up right now na na
I wanna make up right now na na

Wish we never broke up right now na na

We need to link up right now na na "

The second is:

Ed Sheeran - I'm In Love With The Coco (Tropical House)

I've not listened to the original version by the original singer, I just know I adore Ed Sheeran's soulful voice, and tropical house, and this is just amazing, and when the beat drops, it's just mind blowing. 

Another song I for some reason enjoyed the original of was Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap (it's genuinely heartbreaking) if I'm in a sad mood, I will avoid this at all costs, but sometimes I just love how mystical this song, it's almost enchanting. Yes, it's very over processed, but it's also pretty beautiful.

Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (Tinush Remix)

I find the original a bit too slow, and deep, but with the newly added beat, it's quite the powerful remix. 

The next song I've chosen is, the last, because it leaves more of an impact, and like the first, I can relate to a lot lately. (crying with laughter emoji)

Odesza - Say My Name.

"‘Cause you got my hands tied
In my defence

I always fall for confidence

And your compliments look good on me

Cause nobody knows it better

than the girl in the corner with the scarlet letter

And while you’re watching you may think that she doesn’t matter 
But no one knows you better

I wanna dance
I wanna dance 
I wanna dance with you 
So take a chance
Take a chance

Oh yeah
I need a sign or a signal
I’ve overthought everything I can think of
Into symbol
I need the coat and your jacket
And the remnants of your cigarette packet"

It's just so magical and mystical, something about it is just so powerful. 
It closely uses the beat/tune from 'All we need' by Odesza (not a love song in any way, shape or form!)

"And I'll walk amidst the stars, and clusters of nebulae, amongst the silent serenity of the sky, and hope with all my heart." 
Hope you like the playlist I've chosen of music, it's all quite deep, moving, beautiful music, it's all quite passionate, and mystical, also a bit magical and a touch of intrigue.

Keep your eyes open for some new fashion posts coming soon!

Magic & Mystery,

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P.S If my grammar is genuinely appalling, I'm really sorry, I am trying to improve, and keep trying to sort myself out. Ha, and I'm supposed to be an A grade Literature student. Sort yourself Samantha.

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