Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Calling all tea lovers, I have found the heavenly brew!

MyWaitrose card holders are entitled to a free cups of tea or coffee, as well as a paper daily with their card. 

As a MyWaitrose card holder, I always get a cup of tea to enjoy on the journey home. Recently, their tea changed, and they replenished their stock in my local store with a new, and quite frankly, incredible blend. The tea that they have is called 'Waitrose Duchy Organic' and it's specifically the 'Earl Grey' blend. 

This tea is so different to any other tea that I've ever had. I get quite bored easily of regular decaffeinated teas, so I tend to switch my tea brand quite frequently, and have a regular Earl Grey aside, however, I've recently been drinking this more than any other tea. It's such a rich, silky taste (If taste's can even be described in such a way!) it's truly an experience. 

I really recommend any Earl Grey fans to definitely give it a try, it might convert you entirely. I find it to be incredibly soothing and relaxing to drink.

(This post has been written a day early, because I'll be busy on the 14th at the time that this post will go live, and I wanted to set it up so there would be no disappointment or 'where's the new post?')

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