Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Okay, so as I mentioned recently, I've really gone off making videos. However I wanted to share with you some things I've been loving recently. These are less material, but I'll explain as I go along!

1) The Witcher, Wild Hunt. - Okay, so everytime I mention an incredible game being played by a member of YouTube, I get called masculine by my mum. In her head, games are extremely manly, and aren't really for girls, and girls that do play them are weird (sorry to any females that this has just offended, I live with this daily, haha!) Anyway, I still enjoy games, and I love deep, beautiful graphics, and The Witcher 3 promises this. I hate the gore in it, and I have looked away at the violent/gore sections, but this is a really deep game, with a fascinating storyline. 

I just love the whole beautiful fantasy world, the mythical creatures brought to life, and the idea of magic. I SOUND LIKE SUCH A HIPPIE DARN IT! I'm not, I swear, in fact, I'm completely the opposite of 'hippie', whatever that is. I'd like to think I'm not able to be defined.

Warning though, there are some pretty obvious sexual scenes so if it's a bit awkward, look away when watching it.

2) Kholat - Another game, this time a horror. I watched Pewdiepie's play through of it this morning, and it was fascinating. Terrifying, but fascinating. I then proceeded to watch the rest of the scenes on two different members of YouTube's channel. Really gripping, scary, obviously, but good, for storyline and depth.

3) Potato Waffles. Yes, this is ridiculously childish, but I've recently been loving a potato waffle with my lunch. TASTY! Anyway, I feel so embarrassed admitting I like this, because, lets be honest, its kids food, but they taste nice and they're wheat free.

4) Instagram. I have been loving the inevitable app. I love trying to take visually interesting photos, and recording my life. Seems odd now I think about it in that sense, but heh, I enjoy it.

5) A product I've been loving is Garnier Pure Active Charcoal scrub. I wouldn't advise using it on your face, because it caused me to have a really bad breakout, but using it on oil prone areas on your body like chests, backs, or feet, is really good for keeping skin clean, clear and fresh.

6) Zodiac Posts. Instagram is the heavenly host for zodiac posts, and it is amazing. So enjoyable to flick through in the evening, and see what people associate with the signs. I find many very accurate, however, I keep finding ones about 'most loyal Earth sign' and 'Least loyal Earth sign' and apparently Capricorn is supposedly the least loyal, to which I always have to protest, since, I am instinctively loyal. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this brief favourites post. 

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