Tuesday, 19 May 2015


I rarely go deeply into my body confidence issues, but with so much overwhelming feedback about the level of depth my blog goes into recently, I feel like I need to go into this, to help me address my issues, and hopefully, it'll help you address yours too.
So, let's start.
Hello. I'm Samantha. 
I'm 20 years old, and since I was a child, I've struggled with my weight.
I think my weight problem started when I met a person who strongly influenced my family life, and was like a family member to me. This person themselves had a weight problem (quite a serious one) and I think I picked up bad habits from here.
For many years, family friends were actually concerned, asking my mum if I had anorexia because I was very thin at one point.
So my weight really rocketed from there. Since then, I've had some health problems, and one particular health issue actually makes it pretty hard to lose weight (I've spoken about it before, Polycystic Ovaries - you can read my post about it here)
So, I'm going to start trying to make a difference to my life. I'm going to do simple things to change. I've had a pretty bad binge eat this last week (thanks Pollies) and it's made me feel at rock bottom about myself and my weight. 
So, how am I going to do it?
*She says all this and notices her previous Instagram posts on the right of this post are both about bad food/drink* Guilty as charged, Sir. (PS I didn't eat that rolo. It's horrible!!!) 
1) I'm going to swap chocolate for apples. Strange, but this works. I'm not talking big badass apples, I'm talking those little ones you get for children because they are convenient for their lunchbox. I plan to eat two of these a day, to help cut my cravings, and fill me if I get desperate. 
2) I'm going to work on my target areas with tutorials from Blogliates, Cassey is amazing, and therefore I want to try and follow her simple, strengthening tutorials. Because if I can't have a perfect bod now, when can I?
3) I'm going to tell myself what I need to hear before I leave the house everyday. Whether it's "I am good enough" or "This is my temple." Whatever it is, if I want to hear it, I'm going to say it to myself to give myself the reassurance I need to go about my daily business.
4) I'm going to enjoy the sunshine whenever its out - I don't get out in it enough, and I'm so pale, that is means its so important I get some sunshine and Vitamin D.

Something that I find helpful for keeping cravings away or sustaining the desire to eat something sweet is to chew gum - I chew gum in secret, yes. I don't tend to chew gum in public, because it looks tacky, revolting and not at all feminine. But when I get cravings, I tend to chew Wrigley's Extra chewing gum that is bubblegum flavoured. It's in a pink pack, and it tastes amazing, Honestly, I chew a bit when I am feeling the desire to eat something sweet, and the desire is fulfilled with the gum, Strange, but true. Plus, it makes your room smell like bubblegum just from being in the packet!
Would you like to join me on my journey? If so, why not try some of these ideas yourself?
You can do it, if you put your heart into it!

Here's some music to help you do the Blogliates exercises: 
ODESZA - All We Need.
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