Monday, 6 April 2015


It's been so glorious in sunny England today. Absolutely beautiful. 

I feel like after a week, I am ready to go back to college, but we have another week to go! That's a good thing though as I haven't done nearly enough revision, and I am well aware of that. Tomorrow I'll be sunbathing whilst revising on my sun lounger and listening to some jamming Summer tunes!

I also arranged a really exciting event for the 4th July when we've all finished exams in my friendship group, (and on Alastair's birthday!) to go to a water park where we live because I haven't been in years, and I am SO EXCITED. I need to carry on working on my bikini bod of course, but I hope to be in a bikini come then going down flumes in a  rubber ring haha! I can't wait, people I haven't seen since they've gone to university are going to be there, and I cannot wait to see everyone. I always arrange these things so far in advance, but it's probably best because it gurantees people can book it in their diaries early (yes I'm an early planner! ^.^) And two of my other male friends (Ben) and another guy I used to study Environmental Studies with is coming, and we are all so happy to be being reunited as I miss them all so much! And hopefully the lovely people I met in the year I studied IB (2012) will be coming too, so it'll be amazing to see them all again. Either way, I'm hoping it's going to be a big event. *clings glass*

I'm just so happy at the moment. In every way possible. Listening to Summer(y) music is really helping keep me in the best mood possible too, songs like Cover Drive Twilight, and Cover Drive Lick Ya Down. They're just amazing songs with typically Caribbean beats.

Have I ever mentioned I've been to Barbados three times? Well I have, and I love the beats, and steel drums, aaaaah memories! *glassy eyes*

Apparently I was such a poser hahaha.
I keep having such strange dreams too.... it's really odd. I haven't dreamt this much in years!

Anyway, have a glorious sunny evening, 

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