Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Dear Best Friend.

Dear Courtney,

Thank you, for putting up with my sh** on a daily basis. 
Thank you, for listening to my moaning and also, for listening to my crazy crush stories. 
Thank you for lending your ear to me when I need someone to talk to. 
Thank you for giving me your shoulder to cry on, when I've lost someone close to me, or fallen out of love.
Thank you for encouraging me to be a better me.
Thank you for being so smart, and inspiring.
Thank you for helping me to not give up when I've wanted to.
Thank you for using the 'hands over the head' emoji, it never fails to make me giggle, even when I'm in a pretty bad mood.
Thank you for agreeing to come on crazy shopping adventures, and standing in the queue grinning, rather than looking mortified in TKMAXX when I found a Michael Kors cobalt blue iPad case, and came screaming over from the other side of the store.
I'm glad I've managed to change your mind about Zodiac Signs, even if we both know, we're just messing about, and whilst some can be scarily accurate, neither of us know whether to fully believe it or not.
Thank you for sharing your life with me, and thank you for being there for 6 years of friendship, and for the friendship that I know we'll always have. 
I can't wait for us to both be in stable jobs, happy marriages, toasting to the years that have gone by.

Dear Best Friend, thank you, for being you!

Your bestie,
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