Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Yep. I spent all my bonus bond in 2 hours. I think that's a world record ladies and gentlemen.

I ordered lots of clothes for Summer and a jacket for winter, plus 2 games for the GameCube I finally tracked down! I ordered a game I had as a child and LOVED playing mulitplayer with friends on, we could spend HOURS on it: James Bond Agent Under Fire, and Super Smash Bros, which I tested this evening after receiving it in the post, and it DOESN'T WORK! I am so mad that the company I purchased it from didn't even bother to check it worked! So I have to take a trip to return it more quickly than returning it by mail. I'm pretty annoyed by this. However I'm hoping to get a refund in person soon, and get a replacement ordered ASAP.
If you'd like to see a haul in photos, please let me know. Or if you'd prefer a YouTube video, just let me know. I personally don't like mixed hauls on YouTube, I like hauls for different stores, such as Primark hauls, or River Island hauls, but I dislike mixed hauls, so I think I'd be happier posting photos, since I don't have enough of each thing from each store to post individual video hauls.

Plus, I haven't had a phone since Thursday. I wasn't going to make a big fuss here, but it's been driving me up the wall. I've been stressed and agitated (I even paid a fiver for a PAYG sim with the previous network I was on) as my new network screwed up the porting process and are not fixing it, nor are they allowing me to have a PAC code to leave. I have written a formal complaint and will be contacting the official ombudsmen about this, if you need to know a company name, check my Twitter.

Other than being mega stressed about that, and upcoming exams, I am okay. I am genuinely, okay. I am surviving.

As far as love is concerned, my feelings haven't changed. I'm a shy person when it comes to true love though. I've never been able to tell someone (other than when I was eleven) that I liked someone. And that was just a crush. I recently wrote anonymously somewhere:

"I think I am a loveaholic. I love the concept of love, but I'm too terrified by my own lack of self confidence that I don't allow others to get close enough to fall in love with me. I need someone to bring these walls down, where it is just me and that person. I'm not perfect, I've been through a lot, but I can offer so much, and I know, I can love unconditionally for all of time."

Confessions night it is. Apparently some of my most inward thoughts are coming out. Emotional leakage.

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