Tuesday, 31 March 2015


It's weird to say, but a few days back, I watched a clip on Facebook called "The funniest moment on Gogglebox so far." Now having never seen Gogglebox, and seeing adverts and having a preconceived idea that the program was in fact, utter b*****ks, I didn't expect too much from this show. 
I watched the clip anyway, and I was hysterical. If you wonder which clip I in fact refer to, it is this one:
Sandy & Sandra Bug Swat.
I could honestly, and have honestly, watched that clip over and over, probably about 9 times or more now, and the facial reaction from Sandra makes me hysterical, and the fact that Sandy acts more like her parent than her best friend!
Okay, so I'll admit, I was hooked from that moment. Since yesterday, I've watched the entire of Series 5 on catch-up, and I'm now working my way through Series 4 in my breaks from revision, such as lunch time and longer tea breaks.

I can honestly say, I don't watch a lot of television, but I have had, or do have, a few guilty pleasures which include:
Come Dine With Me, Coach Trip, and now Gogglebox.

Of course, I love shows like Top Gear, as well, but I'm not a massive watcher of TV anymore. I find that if there is a comedy show on, or Live at the Apollo, I'll watch it, or My Family, or something comical, then yes, sure I'll enjoy it, but other TV just doesn't interest me too much anymore. Oooh and I forgot, anything wildlife(y) narrated by David Attenborough, David Tennant or Benedict Cumberbatch is a must watch. Especially when Mr Cumberbuttom cannot pronounce 'Penguin'!
 No clue what I refer to? This is what I speak of:
Penguin Pronounciation - Benedict Cumberbatch on Graham Norton.
(Keep your eyes open for Miranda saying "it's arousing and terrifying at the same time" hahahaha)
Anyway so back to Gogglebox, I've cried at about 4 episodes! I never knew I was so sentimental! I cried at 999 What's Your Emergency, when the man lost his wife on TV (because honestly, if you didn't have tears in your eyes at this, then I'm sorry, but you, you are a heartless bum!) Wow. I'm really on fire today.
I also cried at the 'Gladiator' scene, whereby Leon told June that when he died, he'd be with her always, and that, that right there, that made me sob!
June & Leon (as usual Leon is mortifying June!)
My favourite couples by far though, are June and Leon, and Dom and Steph. I love how Dom and Steph are always holding hands, always laughing, and when Steph said she hoped she would never get that old to die alone without Dom, he said "Oh don't worry, the moment you s*** yourself, you're going to fall out the window by accident." That had me in stitches.

Steph & Dom.
I absolutely love this new show, (it's not new to the public, just new to me) and I absolutely love it. I know, some would call it low level humour, but we can't be completely posh all of the time. I mean, I pride myself on being and appearing 'posh' but I guess my humour can occasionally be my downfall. Whoever marries me, will have to cope with my laugh - I know, it's awful, but laughing is a big percentage of happiness.
Another 'interesting' moment was this, but if you are not used to hearing, or do not like hearing the F word, please DO NOT watch it. That's my warning, as it isn't exactly PG-13 but we all know most 13 year olds know worse words than this by now, but I'm doing it so I know you are choosing to view it if you want to:
Stephen Tells Chris How It Is - Gogglebox Scene.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day. Why am I so hyper, all I had was a cheese wheat free Panini and a cuppa?
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