Thursday, 19 February 2015


*sigh* - yes, I do actually sigh a lot shamefully, I find myself sighing in public, such as on a bus when I'm listening to quite reflective music, and then realising I've sighed quite loudly, and hiding myself in my seat for the rest of the journey!

I've been really, very anxious recently. It always happens at this time of year, when you are working through revision, and you keep panicking "I can't do this!" ... and ... "I'm not smart enough!" ... and my personal favourite ... "There isn't enough time!" And as a result, you just degrade into a small, rounded heap that is filled with negativity, and permanently on edge. Thankfully, I've been coping better recently with these feelings, through drinking lots of water, drinking earl grey tea, and breathing. I can't say how important it is when you're getting overwhelmed to just say "Stop" to yourself, temporarily blank your mind, and BREATHE

It's okay. You ARE going to be fine. You're just working yourself into a state of panic, and what's more, that's actually holding you back. 

So just keep calm, and as Captain Haddock (If you don't know who this is, I'd advise reading or watching, The Adventures of Tintin!) says, "When you hit a wall, you push through it." And it's true in every sense of the quote.

Yesterday was a day off from revision, as my mum and I went to a 100th birthday party of a lovely lady that we've known since I was a toddler! 

The party was lovely, and it was so nice to meet all of her relatives, and friends... and I got a gold balloon, so I was pretty happy.

Afterwards, we really didn't feel like going straight home (we were all dressed up, both wearing heels, and oh my word, did my feet hurt!!) but we decided we'd go somewhere local and have a hot drink, and of course, I had a luxe hot chocolate. Why? Because you can have tea at home. When you're out, luxe all the way!

Anyway, that's even rambling for today. I've chosen a piece of music that got me through revising last year to share with you today, it is:

The Lord Of The Rings - The Hobbits Theme.

This music is stunning, and whilst I've tried to sit through the entire of The Lord Of The Rings, I can't, it's just too gory, and I can't deal with that. I did see all three 'The Hobbit' films (yes even the gory 'Battle of the five armies') and loved them all, maybe I just don't have the patience for LOTR, but I do love the music, don't get me wrong, and the whole annoying as heck "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard' YouTube joke, is quite amusing, any more than once though and you want to throw your computer out of the window... 

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Late edit: If you need something to get you back up again and carry on, this is it:
Blue - I Can.

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