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*Warning - this post is lengthy, and as it goes on, there are some personal, and sensitive revelations*

It's time for me to finally write about my favourite Disney movies. I've put off writing this post, as it's something that not everyone will particularly want to read, or it isn't really their cup of tea! (I'm writing this whilst listening to my favourite music from Disney movies - which I'll get onto later - and my mum watches Inspector Montalbano, which I haven't felt like watching lately, as I just cannot focus on the subtitles for long amounts of time, my eyes don't like it!)

Yes, this is my Disney collection, at long last, a photo of it, taken from my Instagram - it's a bit fuller since a few more DVDs and O Rings have arrived.
The first favourites of mine are the films which give me serious reminiscence. Specifically, these ones were when I was really small.
Firstly, The Aristocats just hits me in the feels (a seriously odd expression I've picked up from the internet) this film is hilarious, as well as being a huge reason why I love cats so much (I swear to God I'm not a seriously crazy cat lady, don't get me wrong, whilst I've been very nervous of dogs for quite a few years, I've got so much better in the last three years, as our neighbour Val has a great big cuddly black Labrador called Inky, so I've gotten a lot more relaxed around dogs!) One of the film's funniest moments is the part with Napoleon and Lafayette:

My other favourite part is OF COURSE, the song "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat - The Aristocats."

Oh man, the feels!

Okay, moving on.... 
My next favourite has to be a film I watched late this afternoon, which is... 101 Dalmatians. I just loved the beautiful comparisons between Roger and Anita, and Pongo and Purdita. 

Disney, teaching us what love is since 1937.

Another couple of films that I adore are Oliver & Company (again, from when I was really small!)

The Lion King (Oh my word, just hearing some of the music can change my mood instantly), the song I'm listening to tonight is:

Can You Feel The Love Tonight - The Lion King.

And quite frankly, I love this song.

Another important film for me is Mulan (teaching us that we can be brave).

And then there's:
 Lilo & Stitch (of course, I wasn't just going to leave my favourite little blue one out!!!)

Treasure Planet (oh man, this is really, really hard to say why I relate to this film so much, but it's about time I did...) To summarise this, Jim's father walks out on him and his mother when Jim was small, and whilst my father was never really there at all in my life, at a young age, it did feel like abandonment, (OKAY, I NEVER SAID I HADN'T HAD ISSUES) and as a child, it really tore me apart. It was around the age of 13, that I really came to terms, finally, with the fact that everything would be okay without a father, with just the one parent, who loved me just as much as two would, and the idea that Silver (in Treasure Planet) almost adopted Jim, and gave Jim the fatherly guidance that he had needed (and for a while in my life, I had a figure just like this, and who even closely resembled Silver, just not a cyborg, obviously... Well, this figure did something terrible to my family, and had to be cut out of our lives, and it was like having to deal with a sudden loss again. They do say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and it's true. I've seen this person locally, and they haven't recognised me (thank God) but it's a weird cross of bitterness and resentment, that I'm only just starting to rid myself of. But anyway, now you know why I relate to Treasure Planet so much.... (Sorry I probably over shared, it's just the truth, and I've only recently told my mum why I can relate to the film so much)

The song from Treasure Planet that I'm going to share, because I most related to it is:

I'm Still Here - Treasure Planet.

I warn you, it's very heartbreaking, but also beautiful. It related to the childhood me in so many ways, and looking back, it's astounding, because I'm a completely different person, but I can thank the tribulations as they are what I believe made me who I am.

"And I want a moment to be real,

Wanna touch things I don't feel,

Wanna hold on and feel I belong.

And how can the world want me to change?

They’re the ones that stay the same.
They don’t know me,
'Cause I’m not here."

There will be a second, and maybe even a third part to this post in the future, but for now, I really need to draw this particular post to a close. 

All I can say, before I end this particular post is, I am grateful to be where I am, to be with the people I am with now, and whilst I'll always remember the emotions I felt from hearing 'I'm Still Here', it doesn't capture the woman I've become, and whilst love is something that means everything to me, I feel differently to love now than I did back then. I'm more content with my life than I have ever been, I'm in love, I'm surrounded by wonderful people, and I feel like I know where I am going. All those years wishing I would grow up, and be someone that people would want to be like, and even look up to, and now, I'm the woman that I always wanted to be. Keep aiming for the moon, because even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. Thank you for being you.

All my love,
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