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Today's post has been kindly sponsored by Alibi drinks, who kindly sent me one of each of their delectable drinks for review!
The three drinks arrived in a well packaged cardboard box with a lovely note from Alice at Alibi, letting me know that these drinks were best enjoyed cold, so I of course, refrigerated all of them before sampling.  
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The first drink I tried was the Sparkling Blueberry, this being the only one of the three that I hadn't previously bought myself and enjoyed. The packaging of the drink is refreshingly simple, with an eye grabbing design that is neither 'in your face' nor easily ignorable. 
The colour of the drink surprised me, I was expecting a royal blue colour (possibly due to the packaging and the fact that the drink is blueberry) but the drink poured out a beautiful raspberry red colour that is translucent. The taste is unlike any drink I've ever tried before, it's got the immediate raspberry/strawberry connection, but then a subtle and very welcome blueberry after-taste. Overall, this drink was thoroughly enjoyable, and definitely one that I'd happily purchase in future. 
The second drink was one that I had tried before, and it was the Sparkling Citrus drink. Unfortunately, of the three, this was not as enjoyable as the others. I personally found this drink to be very bitter, without the impression of any added sweetness, however, if you want to be healthy and drink healthy, I personally would imagine this would be the way to do it, although for my taste, it was just too bitter, so I couldn't enjoy it as much as the others. However, I have found the flavour varied on the second one I tried that I had myself purchased, and was slightly more enjoyable, so perhaps the taste is strongly affected by what you've eaten beforehand?
The third drink, which tied with the first, was my favourite, was the Sparkling Pomegranate. Having tried this one before, I knew I'd love it again, and sure enough, it was delightful. With a soft pink raspberry colouring, this drink is subtle, not overpowering, but with enough depth of flavour to leave a lasting impression. Truly, it's softly sparkling texture is a delight to drink, and I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who wanted to try it.
All three drinks are full of natural goodness, and vitamins, and for anyone like myself, who doesn't react well to too much sugar, you'll be pleased to know that these drinks are sweetened with stevia, a plant extract most commonly found in America, but it's prescene is becoming well known in the UK. For more information on Alibi, please visit their website below:

Alibi Drinks.

Frizzy hair alert!!
Anyway, if you haven't tried these wonderful drinks, then they're worth a try! 

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*The drinks were sent to me free of charge for review by Alibi Drinks Co. All reviews, and opinions are my own, and are not influenced by external companies.*

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