Monday, 5 January 2015


New video is being uploaded this evening, I filmed it at the same time as my previous two videos, I'm glad I did, otherwise there wouldn't be a video tonight, as my neighbours kept me awake all night again. *ugh* But I did have a lovely lesson today which cheered me up. (Plus, having a lie down with Gu before going out again cheered me up too!)

Also had a glasses/sight check today, and despite getting new glasses on Wednesday, apparently since I hadn't had my sight checked in over a year, my prescription has changed again, so I have a more up to date prescription which they can't fit in my new frames (they're Prada frames, and where I get my sight tested does not stock this brand, so I bought mine online) as the materials they use to put the lenses in might break the frames :( *doubleugh* oh well, I'm getting a free spare pair of glasses for home with the new prescription which don't look hideous so I can't complain, although I will continue to wear the Prada glasses whenever I go out as they're not too weak a prescription and I love them, a LOT. I waited 5 years to be able to get some at an affordable price, and thankfully I got them last Wednesday!

EDIT: Video is linked, you can now click the photo to be taken to YouTube.

Lots of love and SNUGGLY HUGS again because I can,
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