Thursday, 15 January 2015


Last weekend was my birthday, and I apologize that I haven't written anything on my blog for awhile, I've just not really wanted to (okay, blatent honesty is honest) but it's true, it's not that I didn't have the heart to, I just didn't really feel like talking (or writing, since I am saying this all in my head as I type this, so I consider it, in it's own weird little way, more speaking than writing, because I do feel like I'm talking about it)
Anyway, so it was a very busy weekend. On Thursday, my mum, our family friend, and myself went out to dinner at the Beefeater (if you haven't been, then you're missing out, it's a sort of tradition with our lot), then on Friday, my mum, myself, my adopted Grandma Wendy, and her friend Roger all went to see a Philharmonic Orchestra playing live Strauss, which, I have already mentioned, I really enjoy classical music, and since discovering Fantasia, I felt like I was in a real live Fantasia.
I'll come back to Fantasia as a point of discussion later!
 I went out on Saturday with my best friend Courtney, we went window shopping (as I'm still saving my money up!), she managed to get a Yankee Candle in 'Fireside Treats' large jar for £9.99 in the sale, so she's a very happy bunny! We met up in town unexpectedly with a lovely friend of mine (Alastair) so Courtney and Alastair got to meet for the first time, and we had a truly enjoyable time walking together, window shopping. Courtney and I then went to dinner that afternoon/evening, at the same place we went to for my 18th, and it was so enjoyable.
Out for dinner with the bestie.
On the Sunday, we had a lot of family/family friends/people who've known me since I was little/a baby, and they came over to the house for a small tea party, which was so lovely.
Overall, my 20th, most definitely surpassed all expectation. It was definitely the best birthday I've had so far, and there was I thinking my 18th would be unbeatable!
Anyway, the whole weekend was beautiful, and thoroughly enjoyable. I'm also a very lucky girl because I was gifted a giftcard for a large store that sells designers, and not well known brands at less than retail, and when I went in, I had been blabbering about saving up for something expensive, when I spotted something, with a name on it that I recognised:

Yes. That's a Michael Kors iPad case. (It't the most stunning royal blue - like really, really bright blue, but unfortunately my camera at night made it look black) And yes, it was £19.99. Yep, I was running up to the queue where Courtney was buying a Parma Violets candle squealing loudly to Courtney with excitement. (I really must try to act more my age, but I was pretty darn happy about this find, I love bargains, and this for me, was a steal. Bare in mind the retail price of these can be £50+!)

So that was an amazing find! Courtney got me the Lindt Coconut Lindor chocolates (They're my favourite, so extra best friend points to her!) and 'The Rescuers Down Under' I had already, but got the shiny LE cover recently to compliment it. Yes, I really need to photograph my collection, or compose a collection video, but I'm just a bit ... what's the word please? I don't know, disorganised with it at the minute, so it'll have to wait. I know a lot of people enjoyed the Lilo & Stitch collection video (actually, that's my most liked YouTube video, with 56 likes currently).

I also managed to scoop a copy of Fantasia 2000, and I cannot wait to see it. A huge thank you to Oliver who found me on Instagram and offered to pick it up for me! And yes, that's another shiny LE cover there.

Anyway, I hope you all had a really enjoyable weekend and start to your week, I don't have a lesson until 3pm, but I'm in college early, and having done my coursework, I don't have a lot to do, except drinking tea and hunting the building for people I know. I'm just grateful I've done what I can for now on the coursework and got myself somewhat organised. 
And having just seen my YouTube channel subscriber count, I'm now squeeing inside. 595??!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Nearly 600, I cannot believe it, I swear it was only last month I was saying I hoped to hit 500 or something? Wow, wow, wow. This, the blogging, the YouTube channel, sometimes, I'm sure it's what keeps me going, and keeps me smiling, so thank you. 

Some music that keeps me going: (really beginning to think my taste has become so indie lately, but I don't care, I'm me, that's that)

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