Friday, 18 December 2015


I'm going to be taking a YouTube break. If I get a chance, I'll record, edit and upload a video announcing this properly, but for the moment I just want a break, I don't like filming videos when I'm not feeling very cheerful, and I know for a fact that it comes across in my videos when I've filmed in a bad mood.... I can definitely tell.
So yes, I'm going to take a break over the Christmas period.
Honestly I just want Christmas over and done now, I've unfortunately lost all enthusiasm for it (maybe I'm just getting too old for the whole occasion), but yeah I just want to take a break from YouTube, whilst I focus on my coursework for uni which is due January 20th. I hope you guys don't mind. I'll be back sometime in January (if not before) with hauls etc. (I won't be doing a What I Got For Christmas this year! Sorry!) But I'll be showing items I've bought myself in the sales :) Since quite a few people enjoyed the first part of my video games collection video, I'll also be posting the second part this Sunday, and in January I'll do a PS3 haul as I've already planned out what I'll be buying then.

I just want to wish each and every one of you a safe and happy Christmas,
Much Love.
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Sunday, 13 December 2015


So as we all know, Winter and Christmas is the time when everyone whips out the berry/plummy/burgundy shades for their lips, and I've not been an exception for the last two years, but I've realised that this year, I want to do something different.
Wearing a red/bold lip doesn't just make me feel incredibly self conscious "Is it smeared all over my face? Has it spread onto my teeth?!" but it also makes me feel so uncomfortable and become a bit paranoid about wondering if it's smeared all over my face without me realising.
This year, I'm opting for what I feel most comfortable in:
I'm sporting a nude lip.
And no, the simplistic, natural nude lip doesn't have to mean BARE. I'm opting for my favourite lipstick which is MAC Myth, it was a toss-up between this and Honey Love by MAC, but as I'm naturally very pale myself, I wanted something equally pale to subtract away from the fact I've gone for bold shimmery eyeshadow, which has this past month been a mixture of looks created with the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette (YES! I know! I don't 'like' the Naked 2 palette, and since purchasing mine, it has sat redundantly in my draw completely unused, for the year I've had it (I think I've had it a year, maybe it's more?) but at last I've been sporting looks created with this palette.
My favourite shade is 'YDK' a subtle rose/bronze colour (it's peculiar but I have grown to love it) I also didn't mention that my hair is now all over brown and I LOVE IT. I'm honestly considering staying this way permanently. I picked my colour in semi permanent to cover over the green tinted blonde ombre I had, but it just faded super quickly so I grabbed a colour from Boots super quickly (not properly thinking it over) called Warm Reddish Brown (I knew that moment was a mistake!) and at first, this permanent colour was AUBURN, but as it's gently faded, it matches my natural perfectly (in my opnion) because I only covered where the bleach was (from the top of the ears down) and I have naturally ash brown hair with warm reddish tints (AYE I'M HALF SCOTTISH) so I'm super duper happy, the condition is returning and I am just happy with it!
So what lip colour will you be sporting this year?
Today's Music Choice:
Timbaland ft Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again.
(Super old school but I love this more and more with time)
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Saturday, 12 December 2015


This weekend I'm working on my second assignments for my two modules at university (coursework that counts towards our degree) I've finished the fiction piece of 2,000 words, but still need to write a 1,000 word critical reflection for it, and that's assignment 2 done for one module, and I'm currently trying to tackle assignment 2 for the other module, which is answering an essay question on Hamlet and The Tempest. It's nothing "confusing" for me, I've always felt naturally literate when it comes to Shakespeare's works, but I don't enjoy formulating essay responses, and it is something that I quite struggle with.
Ah well, I'll hopefully figure this whole "university" thing out sooner or later.
I've lit the fire today and because it's so gusty, the smoke keeps filling the room and IT STINKS! I've got the window open but my goodness it smells horrid. :(
Oh well.
I should probably get on with things, its just a shame I feel so uninspired, tired and have a stomach ache today. I can't stop feeling constantly tired. I wish tablets that could purge your mind of tiredness existed, and wiped out all mental heaviness and tiredness. I'm sick (and tired) of my mind feeling constantly tired. It's lesser when I'm happier, but when I'm at my worst, rawest state, it's like death itself.
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Saturday, 10 October 2015


So the last time I did a blog post about my daily makeup was probably the beginning of 2014.... weird, I know, plus it was posted on my beauty blog which was permanently archived because I didn't use it enough and would rather everything stayed together here. 

So, it's time to share with you what I've been using daily for Autumn!

The Products:

MAC 'Myth' Lipstick
Laura Mercier 'FireGlow' Eyeshadow
Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzing Compact Poweder in 'Light Shummer'
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24 Hour Matte Foundation in '10 Porcelain'
Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in 'Soft Brown'
Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur (Primer) in 'Warm Apricot'
Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set.

As you can see, I've found the perfect combination of makeup for me. As I have combination skin, with an oily T-Zone (especially the center of my chin, above my eyebrows, and above the left and ride sides of my upper lip), it's important I use products that won't set my skin flaring off, as it does this frequently, more so when I'm stressed.  

I love the foundation by L'Oreal because it is really high coverage, it hides most of my blemishes almost entirely. If I want extra coverage, then I'll use the Collection Concealer in '01 Fair' (not pictured).

The Instant Fatigue Blur by Maybelline primes the skin and warms everything up before applying the base, it keeps the makeup evenly applied for hours. Since being at university (applying makeup at 5.30am, and removing it at 11.00pm at night sometimes) I've found I need really long lasting makeup that won't let me down, and so far, this overall combination works for me.

I like to switch up my lipstick on a daily basis, but my two main choices are the newest editions to my MAC lipstick collection.

The lipsticks I reach for on a daily basis are Studded Kiss (deep oxblood red) and Myth (peachy, warm nude).

I hope you enjoyed a brief look into my daily makeup.

Will you be trying any of the products featured?

Love & Light,
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Thursday, 8 October 2015


So I recently posted this image to my Instagram, and asked if anyone would be interested in seeing the recipe for it, and the result was "yes!" so I'm here today to share it with you. (Well, it's 8.02pm on Wednesday 7th October, and I've lit a fire, I'm burning my large cinnamon stick Yankee Candle, and I'm relaxing after having cooked this recipe, and decided what better time to write up the recipe than when it's fresh on my mind? Plus, listening to beautiful tropical house remixes helps pull things together - especially when I haven't listened to it in a long time!)
Okay, so here's what you'll need to serve 1 person:
1/2 a Nectarine
2 Tablespoons Soft White Sugar
1 Tablespoon Water
2 Tablespoons Double Cream
1 Handful Of Pecans
1 Tablespoon Of Vanilla Ice Cream (I used Carte Dore)
Firstly, de- stone the nectarine, and cut in half. Store one half in a sealed Tupperware box. 
Next, start making the toffee (yes, it is toffee, because if you like Werther's Originals Sweets, then that's what we're basically making in it's rawest form and liquid, heaven, I know)
Put the sugar and water into a saucepan, and stir until combined, then bring to the boil. It is crucial that you DO NOT LEAVE THE MIXTURE AT ANY TIME. You must stay with the mix if you want to get this just right - leaving for a second will result in it burning. Keep watching the mixture intently. 

The colour should gradually change to a light yellow colour: keep watching and be ready with the cream. Once it has turned to a light to mid gold colour, immediately remove from the heat, pour in the cream and whisk with a hand whisk carefully and briskly to ensure the mixture combines thoroughly to avoid lumps forming. Please bare in mind the sugar is red hot - we're talking like a mini solar system here - if this gets on you, you'll more than likely end up in hospital, so please don't be reckless, please be really careful when whisking it!

Meanwhile, leave it to cool slightly and put the nectarine under the grill until warmed through.

Once they are warmed through, roughly chop the pecans into small bits like small lumps of gravel (for a size comparison!)

Place the nectarine into a bowl, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and pour over the toffee sauce. Remember, it's super hot still, and immediately soak the saucepan - toffee can be a pain in the rear to clean off saucepans!

Next, generously scatter over the pecans, et voila, you're finished! Make sure the toffee is only warm when you eat it - you don't want red hot toffee in your mouth - just trust me on that one!

So I hope you enjoyed this delicious autumnal desert, if you do decide to make it, just tag me in your photo on Instagram, I'm @thegirlcriedfashion!

Today's music choice: 

Tom Odell - Another Love (Zwette Edit)

Love & Light,
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Wednesday, 7 October 2015


And as I said many months ago, once Summer has shed her warming cloak, and Summer turns to Autumn leaves, I too shall shed my ways, and revert to who I was before.

Welcome Autumn. Oh how I've missed you. October 2014 taught me many things. I took many memorable blog photos and OOTDs, looking back at them is somehow comforting, to be able to reminisce about all that was happening in my life back then.

Well, what can I associate this time next year with October 2015? I've moved on with my life. I found something not many are able to find in this day and age, and that is inner peace. I've realized by now at this age what makes me truly happy, and what is just a façade. I can recognize the good in people, and unfortunately, also the bad. I see things with new eyes everyday (even if my sight is quite blurry without the aid of some form of lenses to help magnify it all, and bring it to me in crystal clear resolution).

Autumn brings the gentle colder breeze with the sunshine still beating down, the falling golden leaves, the start to lighting fires, and the scents that make your heart swoon with appreciation. Autumn is the time that you remember fondly throughout the year, and somehow, when you're older, appreciate all the more.
So to encapsulate all my feelings about Autumn, I have created an Autumn GRWM on my channel on YouTube, and it'd mean the world to me if you took a look at it, liked and subscribed. You know the drill by now, just click the photo below to be taken to it. So much time and love has gone into this particular project, I hope you all love it.

Love & Light,
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Saturday, 3 October 2015


"No scorching sun, nor freezing cold, will stop me on my journey."
We live in an age of constant stress; busy jobs, long working hours, complicated home lives, and challenging company. Stress is something that affects us all in very different ways. It can cause aggression, shyness and many more unusual reactions, including a decline in overall health. For me personally, I become before hostile, generally avoiding company, and my health usually takes a turn for the worse, with varying degrees of severity.

However, I have finally come to and found my inner peace. How I did that, is what I wish to share with you.

To do so, it's about letting go, accepting things you cannot change, and finding yourself. It's not as easy as it sounds, but give it time, and patience, and enough valuing of self, and you can do this too.
 Starting university for me was both devastating and developing in equal measure. This antithesis shook me through to the soul. It awoke me in a way I didn't think were possible. Leaving college at the end of exams clearly wasn't enough for me to snap to, and actually departing my house on the first rainy morning snapped me back to my senses. This was all very real. This was happening now.
I awoke within myself and found myself standing on a huge campus amass literally thousands of foreign faces. Imagine standing in a crowd in a busy city, all these people having one central connection to you, that they are all there for the same purpose, but you'll never know them all. That's university for you.

However, many of these people are going through the same "drop of the stomach" experience as you, but soon enough, you should settle into the new routine and develop new friendship groups.

On Thursday, I decided that after the first week and a half of university, that on my day off, I would travel back to my old college to visit the friends I had in the English Language class that I've written about here many times before. I was worried, because frankly, it'd been a while since I'd seen them last. I wondered how they'd react, I wanted it to be positive, but I worried that perhaps they wouldn't want to see me. But it wasn't like that at all. It was wonderful. Everyone was so happy to see me, and I received such a warm welcome, I felt right at home again, it was as if I'd never left. How could I have ever have imagined receiving a negative reaction from this group of people? These were the people I'd grown to really care about and respect. It was like I'd never been gone.

Seeing all their faces and remembering the happy times we all spent together, working together, laughing together and getting to know each other in those first few awkward conversation starting weeks, made me content once again. It settled an overturned stone and righted it, leaving it almost untouched, almost unturned once again, to slot comfortably into it's new position, which is much more comfortable to bear.

And truly, it made me so much happier to know that they had missed me, and did still like me, and I certainly felt the same way for every single person in that room. All wonderful, lovely, unique people whom I'd greatly missed.

Funny that, isn't it? How when you start a new college and leave the other behind that you loved so much, thinking "when I'll leave I'll not care even a bit" and it's funny how all that can truly change. Never underestimate a situation, and never try to foresee feelings and events. It won't work. Leave it to fate to decide.

So I wanted to say, that if you've ever left a school with friends in it, or a college, or a job, or whatever it is, and you are contemplating going back to see them, I'd say do it! Take the opportunity whilst you have a day off, and go and see them! It'll make their day, and yours too.

Focusing on the now is what is important too. You can't turn back time, as much as you want to, and you can't turn the clocks forward unfortunately. However, what you do have is the here and the now, so embrace it, for better or for worse, and just live your life. Ride out the bumps, smile through the smooth gliding, and walk the longer stretches. It will always be worth it, even if you can't see it now, you'll likely be able to in the future. Find what inspires you, and live by it.

So what I'm trying to get across in this post, is that it's important to remember who you are, and where you are.
Love, as always, your friend, and author,
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Thursday, 1 October 2015


So, as is fairly obvious from my ombre hair, I dye the bottom of my hair with quite severe bleach whenever I feel it requires it. At the moment I'm in the midst of a hair colour transition phase. I'm turning my caramel ends white, and it's taking a lot of time, money and patience, and it is also extremely damaging to my hair.

Keeping my hair in tippity top condition is really hard, it's even worse when you dye your hair (all hair dyers let me hear a "we hear ya!") but I have been harboring a secret for roughly 3 years. It's a product that I came across purely by accident. About 3 years ago, I was perusing the TKMAXX store where I live, as for some reason I was shopping at Christmas time with my mum, buying just about everything imaginable! I can't even remember why we bought so much, all I remember was buying my favourite Ciate nailpolish in the shade Cream Soda, a onesie, and a pencil pot??

Anyway, so that aside, I ended up in the 'beauty bin' which is basically just a shelf of beauty products put on reduction, for some reason or another. I found the Ciate nailpolish, and also I found a hair mask. I was already an avid hair mask fan at this point, but my biggest hair mask investment was Herbal Essences (which as you can tell was inexpensive, and which I would also say it's not a product that I'd recommend, I've used all their hair masks, and honestly, they don't do a thing, it's like using weak conditioner basically and has never made a difference to my hair) However, I came across "The Hair Chemist" branded "Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque" and felt intrigued to buy it. It was reduced to £7.00 I think, so I bought it.

I was using that same pot for 2 years, crazy I know, but you only need the tiniest amount once a week to make your hair ultra soft, smooth and shiny!

I have to say that this is honestly by far, the best hair mask I've ever come across. It's super hard to get hold of here in the UK, but whenever I have come across it, it's been really well priced. I've not seen it in a store in the UK since, only online, but I have to say, it is well worth your time.

The texture is ultra creamy, none of this shiny stuff that doesn't do anything: this is the real deal. This is the crème de la crème, and I promise you won't be disappointed with the results.

I wash my hair normally with shampoo and rinse out, then apply this in a conker size amount to the ends of my hair and run it through with my fingers, and leave it to settle into my hair for around 5 minutes in the shower, making sure not to wash it off prematurely. I then wash it all out, making sure to not leave excess in the hair, and you're left with super, soft, luxurious hair. Plus, as an added benefit, it is the best smelling hair product I've ever used, it's smells incredible!

I absolutely adore this hair care product, and would have to say it is truly my haircare hero.

Do you have a hair care hero? Leave a comment below letting me know what you love!

Love & Light,
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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


For the past 3 years, I've swooned after almost every Marc Jacobs fragrance I've seen, admiring their beautiful little bottles, the detail on them, and the marvellous scents within, wishing that one day, I'll be able to own all the ones my heart fancies.

Well, this week, I finally got another Marc Jacobs fragrance that I've been wanting for the past three years. It's gone on every Christmas and birthday list for the past three years, along with it's partner Dot, (which I was bought for my 20th birthday this past January and I adore) and finally, I've bought myself Honey.

Honey is quite a hard fragrance to describe. It's unlike any other perfume I've ever smelt really. It isn't at the forefront of my collection, it certainly isn't my favourite, but it is one of those scents you do enjoy on very specific occasions.
Since I couldn't fully explain this perfume myself, I've taken the extract from Boots online, where they've described the fragrance:
"Honey by Marc Jacobs is a sunny delicious floral - energetic and alluring, with a sparkling, golden touch. The perfect mix of brightness and warmth.
The fragrance energizes with the freshness of green pear brightened with a splash of fruity punch and juicy mandarin. At the heart of the fragrance is orange blossom, a note of sparkling femininity that mingles with nectars of honeysuckle and peach. Honey, vanilla and smooth woods dry down to a warm, golden base."

I can certainly smell the honeysuckle with a woody undertone, but I must admit, I can't smell all the other scents, and I do have a very good sense of smell. The warm, golden base is accurate though - it's extremely strong, and this is a good thing, because it's counterpart Dot, is a delicate, softer scent for days when you want to be airy and delightfully light.

Personally, I think all 'good quality' perfumes carry that designer price tag, afterall, you are paying not only for a trust worthy brand, but you're also paying for a long term investment. I personally chose the 100ml bottle, which retails for £67.50 in most retailers. I however got mine for £35, from a very reputable retailer, (the reason it was that much cheaper is because there is a lot of competition on the site I used, it's not fake, it is 100% genuine, BNIB never opened, all still stealed, from a retailer, not a second hand seller I will just clarify, before everyone kicks off that I bought a fake, or a second hand bottle, because I didn't!)
So overall, I highly recommend this beautiful perfume, and would definitely say, if you've been holding off on purchasing something, you should probably do it, if you've loved it for a long time, and really wanted it for a long time.

Best Wishes,
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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


So, I can finally tell you my exciting news!
I'd speculated for a while about what was going on, but I can now finally tell you:
I recently collaborated with Ann Summers to create a Dominatrix Halloween Makeup Look, and the look is now live on YouTube! All you have to do to view it is click the image of it below to be redirected to YouTube!
Be sure to share this video, give it a like, subscribe, all that jazz!

Love and Best Wishes,
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Thursday, 24 September 2015


(*** all photos in this post are my own, please do not repost without crediting me as the photographer please and thank you.***)

So I titled this "the 'impulsive' purchase", (note brackets around impulsive) because this for me, was sort of, and sort of not impulsive.

Truth be known, the Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set has been one on my wishlist for at least a year, if not more. 

When I got my university money, it was the first thing (besides decor which I count as a separate 'wishlist') to 'go straight in my basket' (sorry that was done in quotation, because I honestly cannot say that with a straight face anymore after the famous YouTube vine of 'That's going straight in my basket' in the incredibly camp voice that never fails to make me laugh out loud, wherever I am.)

So, back on track. 

The Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set has the reputation that you know you can trust. It's reknowned as the 'bloggers brushes' as the high end version of the Real Techniques various ensembles - which don't get me wrong, I'm not in any way putting down - I think they're marvellous, and I have quite a few different kits and random brushes and tools myself, and I love them!

I finally took the plunge and splashed the cash on these brushes, and although I haven't used them yet, I have to say I am impressed.

The initial 'makeup bag' style carrier that they come in is dreamy - chocolate imitation leather with rose gold lettering - how could I not be in heaven? After all, I do have a penchant for rose gold and holographic numbers! 

Once you hold the little bag too, you'll agree that the quality is incredible. Not a single detail has been spared and the weight of the bag, even when empty, suggests a high quality fibre.

Now, the brushes.

Okay, so if you're a lover of Real Techniques, and you've felt their powder brushes, you are in for a treat with these brushes.

If you thought the powder brush felt like the softest brush on Earth, you would be wrong. Having felt the softness of the bigger brushes in this kit, I can tell you that having compared both the RT powder brush, and these, that these are in fact, so much softer. Impossible? I thought it would be impossible to top the softness of the RT powder brush too, but these beauties have.

The kit comes with 8 brushes in total, including:

Soft Finish Brush
Face Shape
Luxe Sheer Cheek
Concealer Buffer
Luxe Soft Definer
Luxe Petit Crease
Wing Liner

The kit works out at £56.95 - that sounds a crazy amount of money - and trust me it took me over a year to justify it, but when you work it out, that's just over £7 per brush, so if you did want every single brush from the set like I did, it's well worth the money, however, if you only want a couple, then the price doesn't really make it justifiable. 

At just over £7 per brush, it is essentially cheaper than a Real Techniques powder brush which retails at £10.99. Genius, I know.

I would highly recommend these brushes, they are dreamy, the rose gold is just the icing on the quality cake, and the pouch is amazing as a new make-up bag - I'll definitely be enjoying using it!
So, I hope you've found this review helpful if you did, please +1 this post on Google+ and share this with other make-up and beauty lovers and fanatics.

Have you tried the Zoeva line, or this specific Zoeva Range? What did you think? Leave your comments below.

Love & Magic,
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