Monday, 17 November 2014


So today, I've decided to give a cheat's recipe to achieving nearly as good as Costa Orange Hot Chocolate (which you shall all by now if you read my blog, is limited edition!) So here's how to make an amazing one from home!

Orange Extract (I'm using a Sainsburys Taste The Difference Valencia Orange Extract)
Milk (Can be Skimmed, Semi Skimmed or Whole, I'm using whole as it's what we have in the fridge!)
Drinking Hot Chocolate (Something that goes into milk, and NOT hot water! This one is a Cadbury Hot Chocolate Powder that we've been buying for years!)
Additional Extra Ingredients

 (If you're feeling extra luxurious and can handle a few more calories, I'm skipping this as it'd mean at least 3 sessions of Zumba a week instead of 1!)
Nozzle Cream (the stuff in a can)
Mini Marshmallows (cause if you're going to be luxurious, you may as well go all out!)
Jazzy Mug (well, just a fancy mug that you love, mine is, of course, my My Little Pony mug bought for me by two of our lovely students last year!)

1. Firstly, pour the milk into the mug, you want it to be nice and full (unless you're going the down the luxe route, and then leave a little off the top so you can fit the cream on top!)
2. Pop the milk into the microwave on full setting for 1.50~ my microwave is 800W, and it takes 1.50 minutes to heat up a 'normal' sized mug. If you've got one of the Cath Kidston mugs (like I also have but I'm opting not to use this time) then you're going to need to heat it for a while longer and those mugs are more like bowls!
3. Remove from the microwave once finished, mix in the appropriate amount of hot chocolate powder as it says on the back of the tin (mine says 3 teaspoons, so that's what I'm adding, although sometimes I'll do 2 teaspoons instead). Stir thoroughly.
4. Next, add half a teaspoon of the orange extract. This will look like oil and will settle on the top. Here's where your stirring comes in handy! Stir, stir, stir, until it dissolves. It will go eventually, it just takes some persuading!
5. (OPTIONAL) Add squirty cream and mini marshmallows to decorate.
6. ENJOY! Tastes good doesn't it?
Hope you enjoyed this really quick and simple recipe. I did buy a Costa Orange Hot Chocolate today on the way home from college (I popped into town to do some banking, and grabbed one for the bus journey up the hill!) so I'm a bit cheeky, but for when Costa is shut, you're snuggled in at home watching a wonderful movie, this is a great one to serve to any guests you may have!
Lots of Love (Je T'aime) & Snuggly Hugs!
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Now the great question is, can I be bothered to stand in the rain waiting for a bus to go to Zumba? Yep. I'll be hopping on a bus in a couple of hours! :)

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