Friday, 17 October 2014


Wow. Just wow. I have been so busy with college the last couple of weeks, I've been completely swept off my feet, that I've forgotten to love and nourish my blog!
As we all know, it's been getting colder, and more wintry by the day here in England. I've been feeling more, and more festive (you can get evidence on my Instagram, I went on a Primark Chirstmas trip! Eeek!)

This month has been about revisiting my favorite Autumn/Winter colour: BURGUNDY.
And with the revisiting of Burgundy, came the unpacking of the wintry clothing; my trusty suede sleeved Primark top/dress that was £2 in the 2013 Winter Sale (yes, literally £2!) and my favourite trusty Topshop bobble hat. This hat carries many happy memories, and it is that reason why I will continue to love and adore this hat.
Enough chatter, on with the photos.
Coat: Topshop (2012)
Hat: Topshop (2012)
Dress/Top: Primark (2013)
Leggings: Primark (2013)
Handbag: Primark (2014)
Boots: Vagabond (2014)

And just to prove I'm not always a moody b, here's one of me smiling.....
I hope this small OOTD has been entertaining to read or view, I've had my head in the clouds the last couple of days, and I just can't seem to stop myself wandering around! 
In happier news, I have made several new friends at my college, and I feel happier, and healthier than I have felt in a very long time.
 There are other reasons too, I don't usually admit highly personal things here, but I have been remembering my crazy long crush on the guy I liked for quite a few years, as well as meeting new people that I feel strongly toward. Anyway, that's off topic, and I'm not at liberty to disclose anymore than that, that's your lot!
Love you all, each and every one of you, I hope life is treating you well.
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