Saturday, 26 July 2014


So, do you like the new changes? I'm still hating HTML & CSS hugely. It sucks. I am struggling with getting the fonts to work, as well as other problems. For anyone having technical difficulties with my blog, please use Google Chrome, as we all know Internet Explorer is just degrading slowly..... but, in better news, Google Chrome makes everything look epic.
Anyway, recently, I've been finding ways to channel inner peace (oh boy, I sound so spiritual now don't I?) well, I'm trying to find ways to deal with stress and to keep calm, and the first step for me is to declutter, so that' what I've been doing, cue room tidy.
I'm still disappointed that I can't find the time to take photos for my blog, so for now, we'll keep with pretty photos from the internet, because I can't find it in me to get dressed up every day to look nice for a camera. At the moment, I'd much rather go bare faced and off camera, than dolled up on camera - frankly, I cannot be bothered with it all. Isn't that true for the really hot Summers though? Hair goes all frizzy so you find ways to tame it, as straightening makes it frizzier, and makeup, beautifully minimal.

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