Friday, 4 April 2014


There are days like today when I feel completely like I'm just ignoring fashion. Chuck on a moderately stylish dress/top with suede tee sleeves, and forget the contacts in favour of big oversized tortoishell Emporio Armani glasses. Now whilst this may sound ok, I do certainly not feel 'fresh and fabulous'. Having a consistent pain in my knee that won't let up is partially to blame for my not so fresh feeling, but that's my fault for running in a narrow bathroom and cracking it straight into the side of our bath. Nice one!
So what should girls do when they feel they've already made the mistake of chucking on the comfies and ignoring fashion?
Well, take note.
You don't have to look fabulous to be fabulous. What? Exactly that. Look at Carrie Bradshaw. She can pull off looks like this:
Which are fabulous, but there are times when the character of Carrie has been dressed in some abombinable outfit combinations, yet you probably never even noticed, since she has confidence. A girl with confidence is poised, unstoppable and incredulous to the naked eye.
Take note girls, you don't have to look fabulous to be perceived as fully, and entirely fabulous. I know feeling cruddy is hard to overcome, but pop in that music that makes you poised and confident, and you'll be strutting your stuff in no time at all.
So, why not put on your comfy clothes and walk with poise and glamour?
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