Friday, 14 March 2014


Ok, so as you guys probably know, ocassionally I have to write a very random blog post. It's just in my character to do so, and this post is one of those posts, so if you don't fancy a random one, you can just skip this one until the next.
To get straight to the main focus of this post is that I'm kicking myself for not currently having the funding to buy some 'proper' lighting for my YoutTube videos. If you film videos, or know photography, then you'll know that the focus is heavily affected by how good or poor the lighting is. So basically, I'm desperate to invest in some incredible artificial lighting, but right now, I'm low on funds because.... I just bought a Nintendo Wii?! (I did warn you this is a very random post.)
I know, why did I buy a wii? Well, I, like many people are very particular about exercise. I don't particularly love working out, as I get very concious of being watched in a gym, or out running, so I don't do either of these things. So, consequently, I'm not happy with my weight, (I mean honestly, I can't name a single girl who is categorically 'happy' with their weight in some sense of the word or other) and I also remembered that when I owned a Nintendo Wii, back when they first came out, that I had a few different games for working out (I adored the boxing on Wii Sports) but times changed and I needed the money, so I sold it. And you know those times when you think, 'Why did I do that?' well recently I've been doing that a lot about my Nintendo Wii, and know I was at a much happier weight when I worked out with it, in the privacy and comfort of my own home. I don't exactly enjoy being picky about my weight, or where I choose to work out, or how often I choose to work out, but sometimes you just can't change these things, no matter what frame of mind you're in. So, after selling yet another of my My Little Pony's, I decided to look at wii prices. I found one online second hand for £40 with everything I needed, minus some of the work out games, so I bought it and I'm now waiting for it to arrive. I really can't wait for it to get here, it's more excitement that I could do with, it's going to be great. Of course, I did buy a few games too for 'downtime' because you can't own a game console solely for the purpose of working out. So I ordered Tomb Raider Underworld (because who didn't love playing that in the 90s?), The Golden Compass (The game of the film, and my goodness it's exquisite, I completed it when I had my previous Wii), and lastly I purchased Rise of the Guardians (a childish choice, but it's me who's going to be playing it with some friends, and I loved that film, even if some of you didn't, of course meant in the best way possible!) I also owned an Xbox 360 with Kinnect when I was 16 as it was a present from a family member, but it soon just got in the way so it was sold. Besides, it's got some more violent games than the Wii, and I'm a softy at heart, and love the kiddy-style games. I don't like blowing people's heads off with guns, I'd rather be catching legendaries, fighting bad guys, and solving puzzles. That's more my style.
I know I won't regret my decision, it's just that, judging what is more important: saving for appropriate lighting or buying a wii so that I can lose some weight is quite a tricky decision. Don't get me wrong, this is not a moan, more of a 'do you ever feel the same?' post. It's the fact that I know my lighting is what is holding me back on YouTube, and I can't rely on this inefficient natural lighting anymore, but not having the funds to change it. I guess it works that way for everything!
So I wanted to say that as soon as I have the money to get decent lighting, I will definitely be doing so.
Todays Inspiration Photo is from Tumblr.
Do you have a Nintendo Wii? What do you think of it?
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