Wednesday, 12 March 2014


So this post is I guess, rather personal. I reached 300 subscribers two days ago, and haven't said anything because once someone hits a round number, several people like to jump the bandwagon (there were 301, but someone jumped the bandwagon!) so I just wanted to say a huge thank you to those of you who have stayed for so long with me on my blogging and YouTube journey. I truly am grateful, and blessed to have such a lovely bunch of friends (I can call you that now, can't I?)
It's quite amazing that it's come this far since starting my blog in June 2013, and YouTube on the 29th September 2013, and although it's been barely anytime at all, the benefits are already showing, with a larger following that before, so thank you, you 300 YouTube subscribers, 30 google+ followers, you 15 twitter followers, and you 53 instagram followers. I am so overwhelmed by the numbers, which to anyone else would appear minimal and probably non-important, but I find it incredible, and every new subscriber gets their own celebration in my house!
Due to realising that people do seem to like me for who I am, and what I do, I've decided to be more true to myself, and I've made my blog and YouTube themes and layout more appropriate to that, the colours are my favourite colours, my favourite fonts, and some of my favourite photos, and I've worked very hard to get my blogs up to the sort of standard I'd like to hope you guys enjoy.
I've posted some images below that I find inspirational, and some of which, are my own, so if you use them, please credit me as the photographer. I don't mind you using them if you credit me.

Photo from Tumblr.
My photo, my ponies Sniffles & Snookums with Tanya Burr nail polish in 'Mini Marshmallows'

Photo From Tumblr.

Photo from Tumblr.

So I guess that's my own personal way of thanking you, it's the best a girl can do.
I am very excited as I ordered a copy of each of the Eragon book series. I know their old, but I really wanted to read them when I was younger, and still do, so I ordered all the books on amazon, I ordered Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance. I also ordered the DVD of Eragon. It's so sad that they never made a follow up film, since it was deliberately left so open ended, but according to reviews, it did very poorly in the box office, so a follow up was never made. *Heart broken* I have to say, personally, I adored the film, and was desperate for a follow up. Just a random update of why I am so cheerful today!

I also forgot, as a later edit: this is my 50th post, how appropriate, woohoo!

Thank you, again, for being you, and supporting me.  
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