Thursday, 27 February 2014


Another early morning post everyone! This one is about music that I listen to in the mornings when I'm up and have just gotten into college, today I'm listening to 'Wild Ones' by Flo Rida and SIA. If you haven't heard this one, then please do, it isn't new, no, but it is brilliant. Generally Flo Rida's music makes me exceptionally happy and positive. Re-enforcing positivity? I don't need to today! This week I've been feeling exceptionally happy and positive, I guess all this 'considerate' weather is probably something to do with that, the nice weather always has me feeling happy and positive. I guess it works that way for everyone though! Nice weather is always lovely.
So, what have you been doing to enjoy this weather? For me, I've been revising for mock exams, so not real ones, but the grades do get noted, so it's worth working for!
Can't wait to get next weeks mocks over though, the entire timetable is collapsed and we only have to come in for our mocks, so it'll be nice as I potentially have two days not in college next week, after my mocks, so I'll probably film y'all a video! What would you like to see? Anything in particular? If you do have a preference, leave me a comment, I always read them!
I guess I'm also feeling fairly happy because I don't feel like I've got any major holes in my life at the moment, although I'm single, I don't feel like I used to (we all used to in my friendship group) whereby I felt like I needed a relationship to justify my existence, now I'm just rolling with the times, although if a good Scottish guy does show himself, maybe I'll be tempted to change my mind! Being of Scottish origin myself, I do find myself drawn to Scottish guys, haha!

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Have a beautiful Thursday everyone,
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